Soroban and Anzan


My Soroban arrived last week.


I have a copy of “Know Abacus” on bluestacks on my computer to get me started.
I’m looking for training software, structured curriculum for soraban
and a simple talking app and/or visual app that I can use for Anzan.

  1. I am too slow for most flash anzan programs.
  2. I am having a hard time finding progressive curriculum for anzan. I am perfectly willing to practice like a 9 year old only I can’t find the materials.



Start here:


Hi Robert,

Congratulations on your new arrival. It’s beautiful and is made for speed! Great choice.

This below site is the best I’ve found and very much meets your requirements. I’ve been on it for several months now and have made solid and enjoyable progress:

Been studying in earnest for just over a year now, so would be glad to help you where I can.



Thank you… had a look and it appears to be just the thing I am looking for.
Sent them cash for a years subscription and will be giving it a try.


Sounds good Robert. Would be curious to know how you enjoy it after giving it a spin. The developer is quite attentive as well and has implemented many changes after providing him feedback.

If you’d like an app that can be used on the go, you may want to check out Mental Abacus Expert. It’s available both on Android and iPhone. By all means not perfect, but the program has the distinct advantage of providing bead to number recognition exercise modules and vice versa, which I find really helps with getting the bead images stable in my mind. Some limitations are that the number of repeats is limited to 10 times and the font is much too small in the settings area. The default voice can also be difficult to understand for certain numbers, but that can be remedied by changing the text to voice option to one of the standard ones (in Android). Outside of that, great app.


Up to LadyBug 2 so not much to comment on yet. We shall see how it plays out.


Curious as to both of you got on with this in the intervening months. Did you complete the courses on offer at RLM?


Sorry to say, my last year of energy has been mostly taken up helping to stand-up a software product business.

I had my soroban in front of me thinking that I needed to find some work-life balance soon when I received this email…

My practices of mental calculation, soroban, memory techniques, mathematics, physics, machine learning, backgammon, physical fitness, stenography, horticulture and calligraphy have all been set aside.

Your email reminds me that I need to do something about this. Sorry I don’t have great lessons of success but thank you for reminding me I have more interesting things to do than work till I die.

  • Robert


I am just starting out working through the RightLobeMath syllabus. I’m strickvl over there if you want to add me as a friend over there.