Some suggestions for the site upgrade

Here are some suggestions that might be considered during the site upgrade. All these suggestions are already implemented on other well-known sites, such as TenForums:

  • Allow file uploads.
  • Option to receive email notification of new posts in a subscribed thread.
  • There should be a "Quote" button, next to the "Reply" button. The effect of the Quote button would be the same as for the Reply button, but the contents of the quoted post would be prepopulated in the Reply text box.
  • Editing a post should not update the date. Reason: updating the date bumps a post - which the poster probably did not intend.

Thanks for the feedback. All of those features are coming soon. The next version will even have multi-quote – just highlight text and click the button to inject additional quotes into a draft.

Great! I was wondering whether to ask for that!

But after a lifetime of stealth and deceit, I thought it would be wiser to gauge the reaction to my OP - and then proceed accordingly :slight_smile:

Send suggestions any time, either here or by email ([email protected]), even just for small improvements. :slight_smile:

For any forum threads that have multiple pages, it would be nice if there were a widget at the top of each page, as well as at the foot.

It can be annoying having to always scroll down to the foot of a page in order to move to a later or earlier page.


Thanks for the suggestion. That problem will be fixed in the upcoming version.

I really like the random symbol exercise. Can we be given control over the size of the display. The size is a little challenging. I have a very small prescription for vision correction. A simple tool to boost the size of everything would be helpful.

Thanks for the suggestion. Does it help to increase the font size? (Hold down the ctrl key and press the + key a couple of times.) If that doesn’t fix it, I could look into fixing the fonts.

I didn’t want to be first to answer this post, because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself by asking what this means:

I notice JC is too much of a gentleman to ask.

I think it’s the memorize random symbols game. :slight_smile:

(There are additional training scripts listed on the memory training page.)

The current spell checker seems to be set for our very dear friends south of the border.

Maybe there should also be an option for the American variety :slight_smile:

I don’t think we have a spell checker on the site – I wonder if there is code on a page that is suggesting to the browser that the content is in another language. What page are you on when you see it, and which browser are you using?

Open a reply to any post, and enter the following: memorised memorized colour color grey gray centre center defence defense manoeuvre maneuver leukaemia lukemia :slight_smile:

In my case, the second word of each pair has a squiggly red line underneath. So US English is verboten.

I use Chrome.

BTW: regarding our other conversation, Firefox has many extensions for web testing stuff such as xpath, DOM, CSS, etc

I think that those settings are controlled by the browser (and/or the system’s language settings, which might sometimes get toggled via keyboard shortcuts). If you’re using Chrome, try going to settings and scroll to the bottom. Click “advanced”. There should be something that looks like this there:

(I see the correct spellchecking for US English here.)

Thanks for the link. Firefox also has a developer edition that is a little ahead of the regular releases.

You’re correct. The spell checker is a Chrome feature.

The new FF looks really powerful. I think geckodriver is new, and different from what I used to use (maybe webdriver). But you’d better read the small print :slight_smile:

There’s a headless driver for chrome, but I couldn’t find one for FF (I only did a quick search):

That chrome driver is the same as in the list of drivers above. That implies that the FF driver is not headless.

There are tags for all these drivers on StackOverflow.

Firefox Quantum (the newest versions of Firefox) is great. It renders many sites faster than Chrome.

Firefox has a headless mode too.

I’m only new to this site, so this may be inappropriate. But it would be good to have the option of giving a post a thumbs up. I’ve been looking through some of the threads, and I don’t want to write a reply, or comment, but it would be good to have a way of saying, “thanks for the great post!”.

Thanks for the suggestion. That feature is coming soon. :slight_smile:

I agree with the upvote feature, but I’m against anonymous downvoting. This is permitted on StackOverflow, but many users have challenged this:

IMHO, anonymous downvoting is cowardly, and similar to internet trolls who harass women behind the safety of fake names.

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There won’t be any downvoting, just upvoting. :slight_smile: