Solving a 15 Puzzle Blindfolded

Has anyone given this some thought? It seems like a slightly different challenge than blindfold-solving a 3x3x3. Here’s a quick list off the top of my head:


  • No orientation of pieces (only permutation/placement)
  • Much easier to cycle 3 pieces, like in 3style for blind-solving 3x3x3s


  • Cannot swap individual pieces, so maybe more difficult for beginners
  • Setup moves will be much longer

I think the setup moves would pose the greatest problem for someone blind-solving a 15 puzzle, but I do think it’s entirely possible.

I just did a couple of solves, and one additional benefit is that memorization is much easier. No lettering scheme is required, as the pieces are literally numbered for you in advance. As I had anticipated, though, the setup moves to 3-cycles are proving to be very difficult, particularly remembering them correctly in order to undo them. Any ideas for how to alleviate this problem?

Interested to hear your thoughts! Have you tried this? Will you try it now?