Should I buy Jim Kwik's $247 Speed Reading Masterclass?

The guy seems to work at a professional level and I see him everywhere so that means he has to be legit right? However, $247 is a lot of money and I can’t find any reviews of any kind about his classes which is to me, very suspicious. I haven’t seen anything about him being a fraud, like AT ALL.
Any response would be appreciated, I feel like this is a high risk high reward decision.

I’ve never done any speed reading courses, so I’m not sure. You might want to search the forum for “speed reading” to find other discussions about that topic in general (like Does Speed-reading Work?).

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I have taken a few courses and used a few pieces of speed reading software. The only two techniques that ended up working are:

1.) always read with a pointer (your finger or pen). This prevents mindless backtracking.

2.) Use a stop watch (or egg timer). See how fast you can read 10 pages. Then re-read those pages again and see how good your comprehension actually was. Sometimes I will do this every 50 pages in a non-fiction book. Although these days I like to read on the Kindle. This technique does not work well with Kindle books. It is better suited for paper books.

I think reading speed probably tops out at about 4x your speaking voice speed. I can understand spoken English at about 3.1x speed (that is what I listen to all YouTube videos at). If, when reading, I don’t sub-vocalize pronouns, articles etc. My speed then jumps a bit more. You will always be limited by sub-vocalizing key words.


I tried it, and didn’t like it. I was unable to get a refund.

I enjoyed Jim’s podcast, and thought I’d try his course. From the podcast and email ads, I got the impression that the methods in the course would be fully grounded in science. But, it turns out that the course is based on Jim’s personal experience and beliefs. And don’t get me wrong, he seems like a great guy who wants to help people learn more effectively. What I found unfortunate is that the materials do not match the current scientific knowledge base of learning, teaching, and memory. So, you’re paying for “tips that worked for Jim.”

Some things he teaches have reasonable evidence showing no effect. Additionally, some things he teaches are not possible according to our current understanding of the human body. E.g. reading in your peripheral vision. Additionally vocalization (saying it), and sub-vocalizing (thinking it discursively) both increase comprehension.

Regarding speed reading in general, it may be possible to increase your reading speed, but comprehension and recall require “depth of processing.” Basically, the easier and faster something seems the less valuable it is for a “student.”

I think speed reading is something people want to work. Who wouldn’t want to read at a thousand words per minute? Because of that, we’ll keep seeing people selling a method. However, I doubt that people can read much faster than they can talk or hear without significant drops in comprehension.


I’ll put these to use, thanks man :slight_smile:

I’ll do just that, thank you!

Sounds disappointing, glad I asked first and didn’t buy it. I am grateful that you gave such valuable information to me.

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