Shopping List - Organizing Your Memory Palaces


Hi All,

I’ve been using a single memory palace for my shopping lists for a while but have thought why not organize it a bit better, so I did.

Instead of just having one palace for all my items I have 3 smaller palaces with about 15 locations.

Palace 1 - Fruit & Veg and Deli items
Palace 2 - Refrigerated or frozen items
Palace 3 - Dry goods

I all so run forward and backwards. So for Palace 3 (Dry Goods), I put a can of tuna & pasta at the start of the journey and any cleaning or chemicals at the end of the journey running in reverse.

The reasons I like this is it takes no extra effort than a normal list (as long as you know your loci well)
You organize the list into the groups as your wife calls them out to you and then they’ll be all together in the aisles of the supermarket. No more running through long memory journeys for those last items!

Any feed back or alternatives welcome. I would like to know how others do it.

(Josh Cohen) #2

Good idea. I added a link to this thread from the how to memorize shopping lists wiki page.

(Phil Robin) #3

15 location is not much far away lol