Shadow System Worksheet

As some of you may know, I am a big fan/believer/user of the 2 Card system known around here as the Shadow System. I also use a 4-3-3 binary system that the creator of the Shadow System, Lance Tschirhart, developed to go along with the Shadow System.

There is a lot of confusion about the Shadow System. As great as Lance’s original post about it was (he since updated it and I will link to it at the end here as it is arguably the most important post ever made on this forum), I decided to make a spreadsheet to help others visualize how the various card combinations line up with the every 3 digit combination. And for those of you curious about adopting a 4-3-3 binary system, I’ve included a column for that in there too, as well as a column for all 1100 dates as well.

I have separate columns to add phonetics and images, but they are currently blank. I may still add the phonetics in if people think it will be useful. I also might possibly do this on separate tabs, or I may just leave it all out entirely. I’m not sure yet. If anyone has any feedback about this or any other aspect of the worksheet, please let me know. I should mention I still need to do one final proof read of this, so if you notice any errors then let me know as well!

And without further ado:

Lance’s original SS Post:

Lance’s original 4-3-3 SS Post:

This worksheet is meant to help those who want to take on such a large system better understand it and also work through all the images required. In total there are 1381 images required.

Thank you!


Hi Braden, by accident you posted the doc ling twice instead of the link to the original post from Lance.


Thanks Hannes!

It is fixed!

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yo branden… thanks a lot the sheet helped me so much in understanding and completing the system …thanks again :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


Glad to hear it @sofianedjeklil7!! That’s why I did it. The system is complicated, but it is easier to understand with some visuals. Hit me up if you have any further questions!


I would love to to know ur facebook so we can contact each other more freely @BradenExplosion

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You are a ■■■■■■■ king :joy: thanks for the doc!

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