Sem Cubed

Has anyone been able to successfully adapt and use the Tony Buzan system Sem Cubed?

It seems like a fascinating way to store information, an easy way to create huge amounts of loci. But is it workable? Has anyone actually done it successfully? How did you do it? Any helpful tips or ideas?

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Additional info:

I haven’t used it, but if you type “sem” into the search box at the top of the page, I think there are at least few members who have tried it.

Thanks for responding Josh. I swear I must be blind or something, but i can’t find the search box. I’ve tried looking for it as far as a month ago but couldn’t find it. Using Google Chrome if that helps.

Edit: I’ve also read several of your posts about it where you say it’s on of every page in the forum, and that you’ve updated it etc.

Oh… maybe there is a problem with the user permission settings. Do you see it below the site name at the top of the page like in the attached image?


This is how it looks for me.

Your user account had that block turned off in the settings. If you reload a page, it should be there now. :slight_smile:

Alright, I see it, thanks Josh.

Anyone have ideas regarding the post?

Hi Josh. The search function seems to be turned off on my settings as well. How to I restore? Thanks

Hey Dinob,

The search box is now in the upper right of each page. I tried looking in your settings, but couldn’t find anything wrong with them, they changed after the update. Can you see this?
If not, then Josh should have an answer.


Thanks Bateman. Played around a bit and found it is definitely there. Thanks. I have a mac, and when I adjust for larger print…much larger… the black “Mnemotechnics Forum” banner at the top doubles in size and covers it. Easy to work around. Glad problem is solved.

Sorry about that. Is it because the text goes onto two lines when you’ve enlarged it? I’ll try to fix that.

You can also search any time by putting the word “search” on the end of the URL like this:
[link changed]

Update: the search box is now in the navbar (January 2019).

Yes. That’s exactly it. Search disappears as the banner goes to two lines.

Sometimes things are hidden in plain site…