SEM cubed

I’ve been trying a small (10 pegs each category) P.O.A.L. system for memorising historical dates and facts, it works well, but it is slow. Using three, sometimes four images for each peg can be a bit wearing when you want to get on and commit a lot to memory.

Because of this I’ve been re-evaluating SEM cubed. Each themed section only has ten modifying “ideas”, so it is easy to learn ten modifiers, as you need them. Remembering some of the problems I had the first time around, smells were the most difficult, followed by taste.

Added to that, I found it more than a little embarrassing when my wife walked in on me with my eyes closed, rapturously sniffing a banana…

I found the sounds very easy, an over the top soundtrack behind the initial peg image just works, no extra images needed. Though, to be strictly honest, I do modify the way I picture the images in sympathy with the sound; Bombastic Opera singing, A drum roll and cymbal- bada, bada-bing, Dr. E-vil laughing etc. -you can imagine.

So I was thinking of replacing the smells category with just songs. I’m sure we have all experienced studying when music was playing and later hearing the same music and automatically recalling what we were studying? Will playing the music in your head work as well?

So I’m putting together a list of 10 songs that are “catchy” and distinctive, at least to me, and I’ll try them as modifiers, just to see how it works. The first trick is matching the songs with the numeric pegs 0-9.

If that works I think that I’ll try replacing the tastes section with famous lines from movies. Maybe I could use sounds for all the modifiers?

Off to the pub now, hope I’m not to “tired” tomorrow to start on this.