Rules of Law - Hundreds of Laws with exact wording. Getting lost Quickly

I’m trying to learn (quickly because I have an upcoming bar exam) well over 100 rules of law. I’m getting bogged down and trying to find a strategy that is effective, albeit even with pictures it appears I “can’t get there from here” because of the shear volume and EXACTNESS required.

For example, I’ve spent nearly an hour coming up with the following for the question:
“When is work product discoverable?”
Ans: “When there is a substantial need for the info and the party
can’t obtain it or an equivalent without undue hardship.”

My attempt looks like the following:
Wind blowing submarine tangled in weed of internet nodes going inside a party bus full of cantaloupes breaking open with diplomas coming out with pictures of clown from movie IT caughing up ore which fall and smash a stereo EQ frustrating U2 singing With or Without You in an outhouse so they smash bottles of 7UP against Dooley’s head causing him to fall on the USS Wisconsin

Some pictures I’ve created in my mind’s eye are self evident, for those that may not be:
internet nodes = information/info
diploma = obtain
7UP = “un” as in un-cola
Dooley = person I know with that name
USS Wisconsin = (a hard ship)

Any help in recalling the RULES of law that require such exact verbiage is highly appreciated. Simply put, it’s becoming unmanageable quickly as there are so many rules with their elements to remember. That said, knowing some are able to remember entire books exactly as written, I have some hope…

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For these types of things I personally wouldn‘t use a memory palace to place everything with exact images for all parts.

I just made a post in reply to a similar question a few minutes ago that might be useful to you:

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I’ve done the first letter method as well, albeit was under the impression pictures are better. However, pictures become unruly pretty fast and I agree that the first letter so far has allowed me to remember the definition about as fast.

My key (unfounded and baseless as I don’t have more than a sophomoric memory tools understanding) concern was connecting pictures will allow me to remember the material longer/better. Maybe that’s not the case though???

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This is a lot of images for encoding two lines of rule! I think,you are overwhelming your brain with so many images just to learn one simple rule!

The rule that you wrote in your first post above should not have more than three images for three key words that clearly represent the whole idea of the rule to your brain!

If you give a lot of images to your brain just to remember one simple rule, it will have a very hard time to even manage and encode those images let alone memorize the rule!

The simpler,the better! Always!

You don’t need to convert all words into image. Just choose two three Kew ideas and convert them into images. Our brain is a unique machine. It will fill up the rest!

If you are trying to memorize the lines verbatim,then instead of creating stories with your images, put one single image in one locus of your Memory Palace!

Some of us have difficulty to remember a story with long chain of images. In this case,it is better to not use the story method. Instead,it is better to use one single locus for one or two images!


Can I use a memory palace over and over again? For example, Can I use my house for say “Contract law,” as well as the same locations for “Criminal law” memorization?

I keep reading what I believe indicates one must use different locations, albeit I don’t know that many buildings all that well other than a handful (downside to working from home for over 10 years).

I’ve held off on using the loci strategy because I was worried I would use my “best” location (my house) for the wrong subject and “waste” it, while also running out of other locations.

It should not take more than an hour or so for you to create a virtual memory palace, that contains fifty plus loci, using games interior or apartment tours found in YouTube…

You should learn to create Memory Palace… It is very easy to do! This is the best and most valuable step you can take in your journey in the memory world…


@elitely i have a question to you. Do you create memory palace before you start learning or in the process of learning? Do you wirte down an order of loci?

I create memory palace before I learn something… I keep creating Memory Palaces whenever I get time. So, I usually have extra MPs…

Regarding locations/loci, I usually try to follow a clockwise direction. No, I don’t write down the loci.

But I try to take images of the place/loci and put them in my Memory Palace section of my “Notion” app… It is quite easy to encode a Memory Palace and once you go through all of your loci in the MP, you won’t need to write down anything. It is easy to recall those locations. Still, I keep an image note,because I like keeping notes of everything I do :smiley:

Here is an example of one of my memory palaces in Notion:

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