Rubix cube memory method

i’m looking for memorization for rubix cube algorithm

there are 7 steps to solve the rubix

2nd step
right face -> R U R"
front face -> F" U F
top face -> R U2 R" U" R U R"

3rd step

front positon -> R" U" R" U" R" U R U R
back postion -> R U R U R U" R" U" R"

4th step

straight line -> F R U R" U" F"
adjacent line-> f R U R" U" f"

5ths step

R U R" U R U2 R"

6th step
R" F R" B2 R F" R" B2 R2

7th step

R U" R U R U R U" R" U" R2

doesn’t anyone here have any mnemonics for this

Try here:

Hi pentanol

I am quite slow at solving the Rubik’s cube but still I have worked out a special memorization method for the solution.
I prefer memorizing numbers to letters and so, I have worked out a personal system to give a number to each move that is used in the puzzle’s solution. This system involves giving two moves exactly the same number. This is made possible by the fact that about half the possible moves on a cube are vertical moves and about half are horizontal moves.
So, I just assigned numbers to the 6 vertical moves that are possible and then the same number system onto the horizontal moves, from 0 to 5. I always presume that in the solutions, the numbers representing moves will alternate between a vertical and horizontal move and when it doesn’t alternate, I use #8 to warn me about a repetition of horizontal or vertical moves. Here are more details:
Facing the front of the cube, I always start with the left side and if I turn it clock wise, I give that move the value number “0.” Then moving to the right to the center ring, a move similar to “0” move will get the value number 1 and the ring on right will get a “2” for counter clock-wise move. From the front, all these moves look like the rings are going down. Then back to the first left ring, if it moves counter-clock wise (going up when seen from the front) it will get value “3” the center ring, when it moves up as viewed from the front, will get value "4’ and the right ring will get a “5” when it turns clock wise. The front facing clockwise move is assigned Number 6 means and number 7 means that the front ring turns counter-clock wise.
Again, number 8 simply warns that the following move does not alternate between vertical move and horizontal move. It means that if the previous move was a vertical move, the next number will be for a vertical move again. If the previous move was horizontal, the next move will be horizontal again. Number 9 is very special. Basically it means that the following two numbers are both done twice and do not alternate.

My method allows the solution to be presented using a series of numbers and requires no letters but I believe it can only be used by the 3X3.

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Finding a pattern in the algorithm might help you rememeber it.
For example, with the algorithm: R U R U R U" R" U" R"

It’s R U repeated 4 times followed by one last R
and the last four moves are inverted/prime.

For me, I just solved the rubix cube enough times while looking at the algorithms that I eventually my hands remembered the algorithms.

I found this thread by Googling “mnemonic for remembering rubik’s cube sequences.” After not finding any mnemonic I liked I decided to make some of my own and see which works best. I’ve also just signed up for this forum both because “hey, awesome! A forum on memory techniques” but also to share what I’ve come up with in case someone else finds Googling this topic as fruitless for me.

So anyway, here’s what works for me. I’m a visual mnemonics kind of fellow. I do sing my mnemonics occasionally, but the one’s that really stick in my brain are mental imagery - preferably ridiculous.

My imagery for the cube is:

Side towards me = face
Side away from me = wings (because they’re on the back)
Side on top = hat
Left = fork
Right = knife (because that’s how I eat)

Rotation clockwise = old (because it goes forward in time)
Rotation counter-clockwise = young (same reason)
Rotation of left/right sides clockwise = pushing
Rotation of left/right sides counter-clockwise = pulling

The way I then visualise sequences is all mental imagery based on this:

Clockwise rotation of top = old hat (I visualise this as a tophat)
Counter-clockwise rotation of top = new hat (baseball cap)

Clockwise rotation of side towards me = old face (man with beard)
Counter-closkwise rotation of side towards me = young face (toddler)

Manipulating left/right sides becomes either stabbing someone with a fork or knife or pulling a fork or knife out of someone who’s been stabbed.

Turning back side counter-clockwise is ‘angel’ (young cherub with white wings) or demon (old angel with dark wings).

This system works really well for me except that I risk the concern of my fellow human beings when cubing and mumbling something about “stabbing a toddler in the face with two forks.”

Hope this might be helpful to someone.

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Cubers have named few moves which occur very frequently in algorithms.

Sexy Move - RUR’U’
Sledgehammer - R’FRF’
Hedgeslammer - FR’F’R

So FRUR’U’F’ becomes F (RUR’U’) F’ becomes F sexy F’

In this way you can group algorithms according to fingertrick and call it whatever you like.

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Thank you, this was brilliant and just what I was looking for (the imagery works for me two, and we won’t talk about the stabbing part)

For rubic cube I prefer graphs:

Here is the actual solution using your method.

The U U’ R R’ code never worked for me. Your imagery worked and, after 40 years of trying, I CAN NOW SOLVE THE @#%@#$ RUBIKS CUBE!!! WooHoo! Okay, could have used a zillion different methods before now. Didn’t. Moving on.

These directions are based on how to solve the cube using the same directions on the official site: www youcandothecube com /solve-it/3x3-solution

There are really just five algorithms to memorize

They (officially) look like this
U’ L’ U L
U F U’ F’ or
U R U’ R’
U’ F’ U F

I used the following mnemonic Key (same as yours)

Left side (fork) in (up) out (down)
Right side knife in (up) out (down)
Top to the right (top hat)
Top to the left (baseball cap)
Face to the right (old man’s face)
Face to the left (baby face)
Back side to the left (angel wings)
Back side to the right (n/a but would be devil wings)
Solve for the first row with all sides same color and the middle of the second row matching.

These directions start with the MIDDLE Layer after you have all white on top and matching center pieces in the 2nd row (most people can get there w/o algorithms. Once you have that,

Now flip the cube upside down

Here are the moves (in the official guide skip to the MIDDLE for visuals)

Solve the 2nd row: you’ve got the wrong hat

To move a center top to the 2nd row left

Baseball cap, stick it with a fork
Top Hat, pull the fork out
Top hat with an old man’s face
Baseball cap with a baby face

To move a center top to the 2nd row right

Top hat, stick it with a knife
Baseball cap, pull the knife out
Baseball cap with a baby face
Top hat with an old man’s face

Get the Yellow Cross on the bottom The old man stole your hat

Old man wearing a top hat
Stick him with a knife
Baseball cap, pull the knife out to
Reveal a baby face

Get the whole side yellow Kill the top hat

Stick the knife into the top hat
Pull the knife out of the top hat
Stick the knife
Into the top hat
Into the top hat
Pull the knife out

Get the yellow corners Evil yellow corner ritual

Pull the knife out of the old mans face
Pull the knife out of the angel, the angel
Stab the knife into the baby
Pull the knife out of the angel, the angel
Stab the knife into the baseball cap, the baseball cap

Finish it - Get the yellow middle / 3rd layer - Old Man’s Redemption

Old man, old man, in a top hat
Pull the fork out, pull the knife out
Old man, old man
Stick the fork in, stick the knife
in the Top Hat
In the top hat
Old man
Old man

Thank you again. Maybe not the fastest way to do it, but admittedly it was a lot more fun than previous attempts and I can now do the cube. ; )