Reverse Memory Palace

Not sure if this question has been asked already somewhere in this forum.

Would it be possible/ a good idea to put items to be memorized in an empty space and then support their locations with a memory palace imagined/ tailored exactly to fit those particular spots? Or is this better left to just actually taking notes of things in keywords on a piece of paper/ note-taking device, then using a memory palace to store them in?

My mind just might be quibbling… suggests to “choose loci as you learn & use the palace to help you structure the material.”

I’ve once tried to make up an imaginary mind palace for some specific things I had to learn (so I made up the locations as I learned the information). I’ve come to the conclusion: It is possible to do. But it’s not worth doing for me personally, since it takes a lot more work and effort than just using a location I already know and put the information there. But that may be different for some people (maybe I’m just not creative enough). I just try to choose locations that fit the information I want to learn best.

Hmm, so the items can make the loci and the loci can be accommodated in an appropriate memory palace. I see!
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

So, while impromptu creation of memory palaces is possible, it can be more taxing for the brain.

Hmm, true enough, intensively creative brain processes that mix different elements together can tire one easily. I once squeezed brain memorization training on new pieces of music, only to find myself being extremely forgetful towards details of everyday life! ^^

So, I would agree. Better play it safe and not crank up creativity on ad hoc memory palaces, when it could be used on creatively storing information on much more “concrete”, already existing ones.

Thank you! :slight_smile: