Revelation 20

Just finished memorizing Revelation 20. Powerful chapter. Verse 4 is the longest verse in the NT. It’s a good one to build your confidence for memorizing any verse in the Bible.


What techniques did you use to do so? Congratulations also, by the way :slight_smile:

Thank you SUNCOVER. I love scripture memorization.

The following are a few posts where I’ve shared and explained my system (Lanier Memory System) a bit. There are a few ways I approach memorizing Bible verses and entire chapters. These posts will give you a start as to how I do it.

Thank you again,
gary lanier

Verbatim Scripture Memorization
Hey fellows, I’m a NEWBIE. This is my first post. Here’s what I’ve come up with that works for memorizing scripture word for word.

  1. I’ve assigned a word for every chapter in the New Testament (260). The first part of the word represents the book and the second part, the chapter.

Example: Romans Chapter 6 is ROUGE. The RO = Romans and the UGE = 6 (using the J sound for 6).
Then, I’ve formatted 3 rooms in my house with 10 locations in each one for associating the verses with them. Each location is for one verse. Also, these location spots are the same in each of the rooms. This way I can keep up with the verse numbers without having to make additional associations. For instance, the left corner of Room #1 (regardless of Book) is always Verse 1, and in Room #2 it is always Verse 11. Verse 5 is always in the upper right corner of Room #1. In Room #2, it is for Verse 15. Got it?

  1. Now for the fun! I’m sure someone has done something like this, but since I’ve been in seclusion for years, I just haven’t seen anything done quiet like this. I call it VERBATIM MEMORIZING using 3 Visual Alphabets (feel free to dump this and leave…lol).

The first Visual Alphabet is 26 Lady Friends or celebs from A to Z. The second is Men Friends or celebs). Lastly, OTHERS (A to Z) … this is anything (visual), plants, animals, objects, etc… with the exception of ladies or men. These three visual alphabets are the foundation for pegging every word in the verse or chapter, not just thoughts. I refer to them as Alpha Characters (AC). And each AC will hold 4 words.

I call this the Lanier Verbatim Memory System, simply because my name is Lanier and the process, regardless of how effective or ineffective it is, is uniquely designed for me, by me to help me memorize scripture even though I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). It demands my total focus which is exactly what I need.

  1. Next it’s time for TANGIZATION. I don’t think this is really a word but for me it means to make seen. To each Bible verse or chapter, I assign a tangible (something I can visualize) SOUND-LIKE or SYMBOL that represents each word. In other words, every WORD in the VERSE or CHAPTER has a VISUAL REPRESENTATIVE or SUBSTITUTE.

  2. Here’s how it works:
    Suppose I want to memorize Romans 6:1: What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abide?

  1. Mentally (imaginatively) the entrance to Room #1 has rouge all over the doorway. This let’s me know immediately that it is Romans Chapter 6 (RO = Romans, UGE= 6)

  2. I look in the left hand corner where my Verse 1 location is and see a BED. This location will be my work area for memorizing every word in Verse 1.

  3. In the middle of the BED, I see a LIGHT BULB. This is my SOUND-LIKE or SYMBOL for the word WHAT (Watt = WHAT). It is the first word of the verse (New King James Version). This word, WHAT, tells me which ALPHA CHARACTERS I will use to PEG or LINK the rest of the words in the verse.

  4. Ladies first. Wenda, Hilary, Alice, and Teresa (come up with your own Alpha Characters) hold no more than 4 words each. I can share later how I do this through a little acronym using F-A-C-E. Works like a charm. Anyway each Lady AC (Alpha Character) is like having a piece of paper with one line where you can write four words. Since we have 4 Ladies, that gives us lines and room for 16 words.

  5. One thing that helps me start in the right place and continue in the right direction is: START AT THE TOP AND READ LIKE A CLOCK.

Try it and see what you think.

Hope I didn’t bore you or wear out my welcome to this great website.

Great post Garry. I have a few questions.

How do the alpha characters store the words?

What do you do about words like ‘and’,‘of’ and ‘that’?

Perhaps you could expand and continue the explanation of Romans 6:1?

When do you use the men and the objects?

What do you do if a verse has more words than you have room for?

See if this helps.
Question 1: How do the alpha characters store the words?

I associate (link or peg) the ACs to the words assigned to them. Each AC holds 4 words.
This is where the FACE acronym comes in. Or maybe for you, the PAO system.
There are four facts I know about each Alpha Character. Each fact holds one word. But sometimes I might use one fact to hold all 4 words. Just depends on the particular AC.


Feature - Something that stands out or I cause to stand out or exaggerate with my imagination. It could be their face, body or even a certain expression.

Abode – Where does the AC live? What does their HOUSE look like? If I don’t know, I might assign one to them. But it is important that it’s always the same place. Or if they are a movie star, I might picture them sitting on the HOLLYWOOD sign in California. Or if they live in Texas, they can stand by BIG TEX at the state fair. Anything that will fall into the ABODE column will work.

Career- What do they do? (doctor, entertainer, housewife, dentist, athlete, artist, teacher, etc.)

Event or Enjoyment- What HAPPENING or HOBBY can you associate with this AC? Do they like to play golf as a hobby, or fish. It doesn’t have to be a hobby. It could be some funny thing they did like driving a VW into a swimming pool to see if it floats. I was told Frank Sinatra did that. That would fall into the EVENT category.
A good way to start this is by taking just one verse at a time instead of trying to come up with all the ACs at once. As you begin the process you can keep a notebook and simply add the ACs as needed. You could have 5 columns (AC name, FEATURE, ABODE, CAREER, EVENT/Enjoyment).

Question 2: What do you do about words like ‘and’,‘of’ and ‘that’?

I handle all words the same. I use a visual SOUND-LIKE or SYMBOL for each word. On some words I have more than one SUBSTITUTE. AND=HAND (I imagine a big cartoonish like hand that I’ve seen at football games being waved back and forth). OF=OFF (I see a can of OFF bug spray doing it’s job on some poor WORD SUBSTITUTE). THAT=DAD or DAT TAPE (rapped around a word sub). THE=TEA (maybe a word sub soaking in a cup of tea).

Question 3: Perhaps you could expand and continue the explanation of Romans 6:1?
Maybe in another post.

Question 4: When do you use the men and the objects?

There are basically 3 modes I use: Ladies ACs, Men ACs, and Others ACs as mentioned in my first post. My rule is, Ladies begin the odd numbers, Men begin the even numbers. That way I always know which AC mode to use (1, 3, 5, 37, 57 is for the Lady ACs and 2, 4, 58, 78 is for the Man ACs).

Question 5: What do you do if a verse has more words than you have room for?

I have room for every word in the verse. In Romans 6:1, the first word is WHAT. As mentioned before, each letter represents an AC that holds 4 words each. That’s enough to hold all the words in that verse. I call this the verse title.

But suppose instead of 14 words, it was 48 words? Simply continue by using the Men ACs (using the same TITLE word “WHAT”) and then the OTHER ACs. BINGO! It really works.

If the verse is really long, like Rev. 20:4 (70 words), just add an extra word or two to the TITLE (link these words together). AND I SAW is the title I use for Rev. 20:4. That gives me 7 ACs for each mode (Mens Mode, Others Mode, Ladies Mode). Since this is verse 4, the Men ACs start. By the way, this is the longest verse in the NT. Get this one and you’re ready to handle them all.

God is GOoD

Thanks for the reply Gary, I’ll certainly take a look at the method and work through it!

It looks like Gary is going to be challenging me for the title of mnemotechnics book-writer if he keeps up posts like those ones!

You are welcomed, Suncover. I’ll be looking forward to your opinion. gl

lol…Hi Mr. Hype… yep this post is a bit long. Maybe I should just post them in Lastest Training Journals and direct any interested traffic that direction. gl