Reusing the same mind palace - interference


I was wondering about the interference of using the same memory palace fx. when practicing memorizing a deck of cards. Do you use the same palace over and over within the same workout or different one because of interference. What do the memory experts? Sometimes my images are so clear even the day after that I am having trouble of using it for another workout. I am bascically using complex dominic system (person, action). What about using the same mind palace for long term memory i.e. when is the time to use it for the next set of information that you intend to get into your long term memory. This is of course also connected to how often you have to go through the palace in order to get the information into your long term memory. Probably the answer lies in having more memory palaces! Even though I appreciate all answers, comments and thoughts

You need to create more palaces and ‘rest’ the ones you have recently used.After a while you can recycle the palaces as the information stored will have been forgotten.
For long term information, I recommend setting aside a palace exclusively and regular reviews of the information contained within.
Personally I use journeys/loci as I find they are much easier to find/create.


is there a problem with starting over with a new palace? if so, what is that problem? I have never reused a palace, and I doubt I ever will. there are so many palaces and potential palaces, most of which Josh has listed in the intro page. also, video game maps, like the vast selection of 1st person shooter games, make awesome palaces. As Jimbo said, if there is a palace you want to reuse which has gotten “cold” and faded away over time in your memory, sure resuse it if it fits the theme of your new palace particularly well.

Definitely let old Memory Palaces cool out a bit.

Or …

… don’t make a big deal out of it. If you practice, you can actually use the residual images to make the new ones more memorable. But getting frustrated is a sure-fire means of not getting the results you want.

I have a podcast episode all about this topic that I think will help you. Send me a PM and I’ll give you the link. Also, I have a new podcast interview with Nelson Dellis coming out at the end of the month that will give you his perspective. :slight_smile:

I have worked up to 250 loci now, spread over five houses, a school exterior, and an apartment, and I am rotating through these when practicing cards, numbers, names, etc. Usually by the time I start over, the “ghost” images are gone. I guess it all depends on how much you need to practice. Memory athletes are probably practicing an hour (or more)/day, and certainly need more palaces than the casual user. I can’t imagine NOT reusing palaces if you’re doing this kind of training. For the casual user, or the user who is memorizing permanent info, you’re going to need more palaces/journeys since you won’t be reusing very often.