Research: Visual and auditory brain areas share a representational structure that supports emotion perception (Current Biology, 2021)

I just bookmarked this article published today in Current Biology for later reading and annotation. While the article isn’t specifically focused on memory, the fact that it touches on visual structures, emotion, music, and movement (dance) which are core to some peoples’ memory toolkits, I thought that many here would find it to be of interest.

One of the authors provided the following tl;dr synopsis:

"Across the world, people express emotion through music and dance. But why do music and dance go together?

We tested a deceptively simple hypothesis: Music and movement are represented the same way in the brain."

For those who haven’t integrated song or dance into their practices, searching around for the idea of songlines will give you some background on their possible uses.

cc: @LynneKelly

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Looks really interesting. Thanks for the tag.