Reached level 10 in cards!


i challenged myself to memorize a deck of cards in one min in less than a month.
i almost did it. in 27 days i reached level 10 in cards. im using pao and my secret is a passion. 27 days ago i bought a deck of cards and i took it to everywhere i go and i was training more than 5 hours a day but i was 7 days in a mental hospital and i hadn’t time to train alot but i took the deck to the hospital too. im looking forward to memorize a deck of cards in less than a minute wish me good luck i know its going to be hard !!
i was training on cards one year ago for less than 2 weeks but i forgot my method and at that time i reached level 8 and i gave up but i have more motivation now


Well done! And good luck with making further improvements.


challenge is almost accepted !!! ill keep updating !!!

(Silvio B.) #4

You’re improving very fast. Very well done! :smiley:


i keep improving and stupid switch by my side now i memorized 50 cards in 58 seconds

(Andreas) #6

Very well done!
What is level 10 for cards?

(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #7

44 cards memorized (correctly) in 60 seconds or less will promote you to level 10.

(Andreas) #9



i did it !!! i memorized deck of cards in 56 seconds !


Brilliant! Well done!

(Andreas) #12

Well done, amazing!