Re-useable suffix visuals for name variants

I’m building up a list of common names and images to associate, but I’m having trouble with common variant styles. For example, variants ending in “a”: Jean (jeans) vs Gina, Anne (ant) vs Anna. What should Gina and Anna be?

I know I can come up with unique images for each variant (Anne = ant, Annie = Li’l Orphan, Annette = a net, Anna = an A), but it’d be far more scalable to have a base list of suffix images (X-ie = X on the knee, X-ette = X wrapped in a net, X-a = X singing?)

Does this make sense? Is this a lousy idea? Is there a prior discussion of this that I missed in my searches?

X-a (Anna, Gina, Carla)
X-ina (Angelina, Christina, Carolina)
X-ie/y (Annie, Carly)
X-ette (Annette, Jeanette)


I was going to create a detailed thread about this as part of the shaper system involving Names & faces.

There is more to it then I’ve explained below. But I’m hoping it would give you some help to start with.

Use a letter shape if it ends with “a”.

Here is an example of how Anna and Gina might look like.

Ann = Hand (assign an action. it might slap the face, draw on the face etc. )
A = Geometric compass (Letter shape that looks like A)

Hand holding a Geometric compass, and draws/uses on the face of Anna.

Gin = Bottle of Gin (Pour over the head, or any spot you choose on the face)
A = Peg (a secondary Letter shape, but you can still use the Geometric compass)

Bottle of Gin poured over the head of Gina while her nose is Pegged with a Peg.
Bottle of Gin poured over the face of Gina while her nose is wearing a Geometric compass.

in-a = This suggests it’s inside of something
So I would choose some large item that the person head/face/body can fit in.

Let’s say we choose “A Huge Empty Glass Bottle” to represent “in-a”
Attach the name image to the suffix image.

G = Ear (Letter shape that looks like an Ear)
Gina = G in-a = Gina is in a Glass Bottle that has a huge Ear.

in-a (inside)
Angel = Angel Wings
Angel-in-a = Angelina is " in a " ** “Glass Bottle” that has " Wings "**.

So each time you see ina (in-a), the person, or face/head will be placed inside the bottle.
And the image for the name will be either attached, or used as an action applied to the person or the bottle.

The method is to choose an image for each suffix, and reuse them if an when it ends with it.

Try it. Test it with a good few names & faces. And see how well it works for you.


Wow — this is fantastic. Totally different from what I was starting with, but makes total sense too! Do you have a list of your letter pegs? Or is there a common one I should try out? Thank you so much


Thank you!

Here are the letter pegs. You can of course choose your own that makes sense to you.


Here is another link that may also help with finding even more images.


Hi Andyd1, I generally use a second picture for the last part of a name. For example, Marry vs Marry Ann, I would use a pic of a ring for Marry and a picture of a ring with an apple on it for Marry Ann.

Ann vs Anna, I would use a picture of an Ant for Ann and I would use a picture of an Ant with an apple for Anna.

Chris vs Christopher. I use a picture of a Cross for Chris and a Cross with Fur for Christopher.

For Christina it would be Cross that’s leaning or a Cross that’s leaning into an apple if you need more details to solidify the name.

Angel vs Angelina. I use a picture of Wings flapping for Angel and Wings leaning against something for Angelina

I tend to use the modify the ending part of the name not the beginning as it’s easier for me to remember it.

Hope that helps.

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