Random Numbers And Letters

Over the last few weeks and months I have noticed several codes that I need to enter in that are composed of letters and numbers anything from a 6 digit license plate that has 3 numbers mixed in with three letters to codes on receipts to type in to get anything from a free “Everyday Value Slam” at Denny’s to a chance to win a monthly sweepstakes at the drug store. There are also bar codes and web addresses to You Tube videos.

I have been trying to memorize these things to stay sharp by inserting objects that start the same letter between my Major System words. So a license plate
DK6 J652
Might be A Dog (D) flying a Kite (K) shaped like a Jaw (6)

and throwing Jello (6) at a ShaoLiN (652) monk

But you don’t have look very hard to see the problems with this, the letters and numbers get mixed up pretty easily. The sequence might as well read 1771 and 65652 or worse if you include the actions.

Idealistically i would like to be able to maybe remember a dozen cars (color make and model) and their license plates. Or a few dozen you tube video URL’s or barcodes.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try or where to look for this type of thing ? I am not really going for speed meaning I don’t care if it takes me 15-20 seconds to remember the car color make and plate number. I would rather not break these up into multiple loci for each image for obvious reasons.

If you make 26 more images, it might prevent mixing up the numbers and letters…

Thanks Josh, that is more or less what I have been doing however I don’t really have a “set” group of images for letters.

I suppose I could also always use the same words for the major system and any foreign item would of course be a letter, which is for the most part what I am doing as well.

I guess I could make all the letters green or put polka-dots on letters as well.

I guess I was simply looking for a better way to remember more than one letter at a time and or a combination of a number and a letter. The frequency of getting an 1 next to a “W” for example isn’t going to occur often enough to make a 26 letter system for each single digit which might need to be a 52 image system because you would need to cover “1W” as well as “W1”.

Your response is giving me ideas though, so thank you.

System idea:
Put stripes on letter number combinations that start with a letter and dots on the ones that start with a number so

ie: 6L could be Jelly. with Dots on it. L6 would be a leaCH with stripes on it. ???

Does anyone see obvious problems with that ? Stripes and dots may not be the best ideas, perhaps floating in the air vs. Being eaten by zombies. One problem might be that there would be a lot of floating and a lot of zombies to sort out.

An idea that I borrowed from the Ben System is to always place images left-to-right or top-to-bottom.

1 = candle
w = whiskey

I would do something like:
1w = candle on top of bottle of whiskey
w1 = bottle of whiskey being heated up above a candle

Thats good. I like that. And going to number shapes when pairing with a letter is good too.

Any ideas on letters next to each other ? such as FWJ ? it could be a football, waterfall and Jukebox, any ideas how to simplify it and/or categorize it via capital or lower case letters? (just for fun)

I have ideas about it, but they are untested. I’m hoping to find time to make images for all 676 letter pairs after I’m done with my 2,704 Ben System images. :slight_smile:

FW could be “front-wheel [drive]” and then use the image for J. Maybe the images for letter pairs could be created as you’re doing the memorization.

Yes, Front Wheel or Ferris Wheel are probably both good. For my use 676 organized images probably would be like setting off a bomb when a mousetrap would do the trick.

I was thinking for uppercase letters the images could be big and the lower case the images could be small and multiple of J. Jj would work but I am not sure about jj using multiple images of “J”. so perhaps just a small image.

But I will try some of these things with license plates on my next road trip. Or maybe I will peg them to people and cars as they walk in and out of Walmart. :slight_smile:

“Ferris Wheel” is much better than “front wheel”. I just started the spreadsheet for double-letter images and added that for “FW”. :slight_smile:

Just adding my .02c here :stuck_out_tongue:

I kind of have the same setup that you may be looking for. I’m currently adding to my 26 PAOs list that I “hope” to use to remember names. I have a system (still adding to) that has a dedicated person, action, or object that correlates to an alphabet letter, not a number. “Josh” would be person J doing action S to object H (Juggler spidery-slinging Hulks tank). None of my alphabet PAOs intrude upon my number PAO list. That way three letters in a row would be one image.

I also have 26 images for letters that are objects. None copy any of my others objects. A examples would be “harp”, “yo-yo” etc.

FWJ.?.. Fireman- (Wall-E) recycling - (Juggler) juggling pins.

Perfect example and a true story. I went to a buddy’s house and asked him for his router PW so I could log in with my iPod. His answer? We went to the basement and dug out his paperwork.


He asked me if I needed to write it down. Said nope, got it memorized.

George Hamilton throwing a yo-yo through a harp. 8 yo-yo’s come out. Elvis singing into a firehose. Balloon by itself. Didn’t tell him that though :bigsmile:

I actually did the same thing when logging on at my parent’s house when I went to visit. And it is one of the reasons I started this thread.

I also use Comic characters for cards. They work really well.

What do you have for X and Z ?

And how do you know the juggler is a juggler if he is doing something else ? Or do you know a Josh that is a juggler ?

Xavier (X-Men) - laser eye cutting - wheelchair

Zorro -sword-swishing -a zucchini

Zombie -ripping brains -from a head

Maybe I didn’t explain the three letter constonent thing right, so I apologize.
I assume most people, if given three constonents of a name, can figure out the name. Jsh, Brn, Frd. Etc…

Take Josh for example. I meet someone new, lets say he has a spiffy new “Mnemotechnics.Org” pleather jacket on, and introduces himself as Josh. :bigsmile: If workable, I put him into the juggler clothing. If its not possible (Xavier for example)Ii place him close to him. Josh/juggler would be spider-webbing a tank.

I’ve never met you, but you are now in a bakers uniform - R’ing (remember I said I wasn’t done?) - in a church.

Baker - baking in oven - bread
Nun - praying - church

If anyone wants to help, (hello, anyone?) I can list my unfinished letters and they are…


I can also upload my list but it would take a bit and would only do it if someone was interested.


I got it now.

I was thinking that Juggler juggling , juggling clubs would be for J, J, J.And a Juggler Juggling Cats would be JJC. Or in other words every character, action, and object would start with J. So Xavier might be x-raying a xylophone. Or Zod might be “zipping up” a zebra. (Which might screw me up because for my major system Zod is usually 01, and technically zipping would be 0927)

I have a lot of super heroes used up because they make great images but I am just thinking… .

Cookie Monster
Dr. Busen Honeydew / Dr. Teeth
Ernie / Elmo
Fozzie Bear
Harry http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=13666796
(I and J are a little challenging)

Would make good images and most of them have obvious actions and objects.

Edit Just found an alphabetical list of Muppets with picture:

Animal, Bunsen and Beaker, Crazy Harry, Dr. Teeth, Sam the Eagle, Fozzie, Gonzo, Hilda, Irving Bizarre, Janice, Kermit, Lew Zealand, Miss Piggy, Newsman, Otto, Pepe, Quongo, Rowlf, Statler, The Swedish Chef (aka “Tom”), Uncle Deadly, Vendaface, Waldorf, Xomfey, Yolanda Rat, Zoot.

Great page of Muppets. :slight_smile:

Pure gold. Thanks!