Questions about pi competitions

Hi. As some of you might know, I’ve learned some digits of pi and I’d like to “officially” validate my performance in the future. The website Pi-Ranking-List ( seems to be kind of a reference, I don’t know if there are some other similar lists/leaderboards somewhere. I emailed them a few weeks ago but they never responded (btw, does someone know why ? the list seems to be active though), so I’m trying to have answers to my questions here.

Firstly, do I need to record the performance, and have a video of it, or do I only need witnesses ? What is enough of a proof ?

Am I allowed to say the digits like this : one hundred and forty-one (or in french, cent quarante et un), or should I say one-four-one (un-quatre-un) ?

Do you have details on what they mean exactly by an ‘academic or scientific witness’ for 10k+ digits ? For instance, is an university teacher one of them ? or should he/she represent an official structure or institution ?

Ultimately, who do I send this to, if Pi-Ranking-List doesn’t answer ?

On a side note, how do I make sure the pi digits I find on the internet are correct ? I don’t wanna throw an attempt or waste x hours of work because the numbers are simply not pi. I’ve checked them on several websites and they seem consistent, but I’ve also seen a pdf where the digits seem wrong from the 411 536th or something. Maybe it’s stupid and I’m worrying for nothing… anyways. If someone has a reliable source for the first 100k digits of pi, just to be sure, I’ll take it.

Also, do you know if there are pi day competitions in France ? How are they typically organized ? I’ve never seen them by myself and I’d love to participate in one next year. I know we are 4 months before, but I can’t seem to find any clue about 2022-pi-day-competition near my home.

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When I did this some years ago, three witnesses were required, including one with academic/scientific background (" 10. Performances of 10,000 digits or more must be certified by an additional academic or scientific witness. Alternatively this may be an official such as a lawyer, notary, or minister, who must be present and certify the performance. If this is absolutely impossible, please contact us."). No video was required and it was ok to know the judges.

I assume that you’ll need to say the individual digits, it’s easy for a judge to hear “cent vingt-trois” and interpret it as 100 023 if they aren’t fully aware of the rules …

I don’t think this rule was very strict, I had found a university professor…

DM me if you can’t reach them, I can try to ping them for you via other channels and ask them to reply to you :slight_smile:

Haven’t heard of any. I did mine in Sweden and I was the only one competing! Are you in touch with the ASM ( The French community might be keen to organize something if there are others who are interested.


Alright, thanks for the answer ! I’ll try to reach out to the ASM indeed, and I’ll let you know if I need to contact Pi-Ranking-List.

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Maybe will ask one more question about such competition. Is there a category to say what is n-th digit of pi in given range?

Search the forum for « pi matrix » it’s similar to what you’re looking for.


I have seen this category before it is similar yet not the same. But thank you for answer.