Question about USA Memory Championship events

It is a series of 7 events that you must navigate through. The events are: - How many names and faces can you recall in 15 minutes – How many consecutive digits can you memorize in 5 minutes – How fast can you CORRECTLY remember the sequence of a shuffled deck of cards? – How many words of a poem can you memorize in 15 minutes? – How many random words can you memorize in 15 minutes? – How much info can you remember from 5 people that you meet? (name, birthday, address, phone, pet, hobbies, car, favorite foods) – How may cards can you memorize (2 decks supplied) in 5 minutes?

Can anyone please name any documents or books, where I can find some information about these event (exactly why were those tasks chosen out and are those tasks goof for memory training)?
Or is there any books, where someone suggest a similar tasks for memory training? I need to find some memory training exercises and also get some proof and explanations (that they are good choice) from some books.
I have searched for over 2 weeks and haven`t found any suitable books :~

For information on the USA Championship events, check out these pages:

For information on how to learn the techniques, check the wiki’s Getting Started Guide and use the search box at the top. (Example searches: “speed cards” or “major system”)

You can print out practice sheets in our memory training section.

If you just want a quick & easy intro to memory techniques in general, get a copy of Quantum Memory Power by Dominic O’Brien.

Once you have experimented with the basics, you can ask questions in threads like this and this.


Agree that there isn’t a book specific to the USA memory championship, however I think you’ll find that through interaction with this community or by perusing the content already published in the forums on this site that you’ll have a great start.

I’m also participating in NYC in March 2014 so am in the midst of preparation.


Does anyone know if the events are in the same order every year?