Question about reusing the same location for multiple memory palaces

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been experimenting with the concept of a memory palace and doing reading on what it is and how to make one, etc. – so far so good, but I have a question I’d like to ask.

Is it ‘bad’ to reuse the same location for two or more different lists I’d like to memorize? For instance, my house is probably the place I know most intimately, so it seems an obvious choice to use to create a memory palace. Let’s say I want to remember a shopping list and a list of phone numbers. Would it be a bad idea to use my house for both lists?

The reason I’d like to be able to reuse a location is because I feel like I’ll eventually run out of places for memory palaces if I have lots of different things I want to remember, haha.

Advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

You usually want to reuse journeys if you don’t need to remember the first information anymore. If you memorize both in the same locations, you would probably get confused. Just create more palaces.


Can you use different or slightly altered journeys within the same palace? IE: Go to the desk first in journey A, the bed first in journey B.

Slightly altered- Yes. Have spoken on this recently.