Quantum wave streaming

I was searching online for image streaming and I found what was called Quantum Wave streaming. I couldn’t find a coherent explanation online of what it is. I am wondering if @Finwing techniques are based on it. Does anyone know what this is?

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Upon first reading this phrase: Must have to do with a variation of image streaming perhaps at higher speeds?

Quick google: A lot of people say it is a sales pitch

Quick google #2 : I was initially sceptical of “Techniques like image streaming, Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic and Quantum Wave Stream are just some of the techniques available which can seriously alter and develop your mental powers”
“Image Streaming was originally developed by Win Wenger, PhD”
After reading a few articles it’s actually somewhat interesting.

My scepticism has vanished, it says that Quantum Wave streaming is an advanced variation of this described in the book : “The Complete Guide to Genius”:

Thinking after google#3
Sadly I can’t find any details on the book, saw some people making videos on it , seems the point of speed is correct at least. From what I am seeing you are doing the reverse of image streaming by having a document and quickly visualising it but you are increasing the speed at which you can do this by first starting slowly and then quickly over sessions. Or so I think

Google #4: Trying a bit harder to find out what it is or what that book is and found a list of techniques of different kinds :

Techniques include:

  • Pseudo Telekenesis
  • Image Streaming
  • Quantum Wave Streaming
  • Brain Harmonics
  • Mental Rotation
  • PTMR
  • VAK

Not entirely sure what they are all besides image streaming and some intuition.

google #5: Gathering some insight from people talking about this on different forums :
“a quasi-photographic memory is developed and an enhanced ability to analyse and make far off connections”,“talking about the subconscious” My assumption is that it has a lot to do with making the image streaming methods subconscious actions. Which is interesting if it works like that.

Google #6: My searching has laid some fruit
somehow for some unknown reason searching up the same thing this time got me different results.

“The emphasis here is on streaming real physical objects
and to link this with inner mental images.”

This allows our thoughts to be properly
linked with our life’s situations. It is much more advanced than image streaming so is
not to be attempted for the faint at heart. The intelligence gains are specialised and
focused to aid you in the external environment. The technique is as follows:

Quantum wave streaming:

1 Keep your eyes open.

2 Begin to relax your body and mind as if you were going into an awake daydream.
It is best to perform this technique whilst sitting down, and in a quiet place in which
you will not be disturbed for the session.

3 In the immediate and selected area around you (or a pre-designated area) you want
to pay attention and sense as vividly as possible, the physical objects, sounds and
colours around you, in a similar fashion as you would in advanced image streaming.
You want to pay attention and see as many qualities of the objects as possible and
sense these. The trick here is to start off in a very small physical area as it’s easy to
become overwhelmed with everything that we can see. Good starting ideas might be
to begin with the corner of your computer, mobile phone, TV, book, wallet, an air
freshener, clock, coin etc etc. You can use almost anything really.

  1. Next, after this small warm up, you want to concentrate on sensing what you see
    and hear but describe aloud the smallest qualities of what you are sensing. For
    example, whilst looking at the fine qualities of my keyboard, i could say “on my
    keyboard, i sense the grooves in the keyboard buttons, and i see the faint black border
    around the white letters on every key. I also see in this corner which is the bottom
    right side of the keyboard, small white and grey specks of dust. The dust is not all
    evenly placed, and the majority is on the right side of the key, on the side towards the
    underside of the key itself. Some grey specks appear browny or faintly yellow in
    colour. I see the corner of the keyboard and it is curved…”. In simpler terms, you
    want to describe aloud as much as possible but have your foundation point as sensing
    the object and paying close physical attention to every small little thing you see.
  1. Continue to do this for approximately 5 minutes. This is merely your warm up.
  1. Once you are sufficiently able to sense and describe your small environment, you
    want try and pay attention to any images or thoughts which come into your mind. Do
    not force this or try to look out for it, but attempt to notice it as it comes while you
    are describing. Your objective here is to pay attention to the physical environment and
    only incidentally notice mental images.
  1. When these images present themselves, you should describe them in the same way
    as you would in an image streaming session, but image stream with your eyes open
    and see the mental image in relation to the physical image which you see. In effect,
    you are wave streaming the physical image, and image streaming the mental image
    when it comes. Once the mental image is properly image streamed, you should return
    back to wave streaming the physical object. Then wait for the next mental image and
    image stream that, and so on.
  1. Therefore you are doing 1 X wave stream followed by 1 X image stream, then 1 X
    wave stream, then 1 X image stream etc etc. Remember though that your emphasis
    should be on paying attention to the physical objects as your basis.
  1. Perform for 20 minutes before taking a 5 minute break.

The end~

I seem to be quite good at finding things.


Interesting, but there has to be missing something to explain the fancy words and claims(wave, streaming, quantum, etc.). This is a basic observational method. First time I’ve encountered this exact exercise was with my second grade teacher. What is missing here?

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I am assuming from the limited sources I have seen it starts by making image streaming “talking about what you are seeing to an advanced detail verbally” -> advanced image streaming “Instead of the talking you are keeping the awareness that these things are there (not using words since words are slow)”

I suppose by not starting with the 2nd variation and doing the first one long enough you are reassured you are not cheating by simply seeing an object and not visually noticing the details accordingly.

Which I suppose is true since sources then say “not to completely stop word based streaming, but alternate between”.

Additional advanced changes start from changing ‘talking out loud’ to ‘internally’, changing ‘visualising with eyes closed’ to ‘eyes open’, etc.

Then the quantum wave streaming is wave streaming + image streaming .
the wave streaming part seems to be image streaming with physical objects, increasing the area of the streaming.

In theory this isn’t so bad if you get it to work. What you would be doing is being in a situation and being aware of what is actually there and describing it. The basis of why this works from what I can see is different than what I think but is essentially that simply what is happening is you are connecting regions of your brain. The regions most critical to functional tasks are being connected by image streaming - in a way that is compatible with assessments of intelligence.
E.g you would be doing a test and have the same kind of dialogue run its parse as you are doing the test, effortlessly because you have already practised this for a while, so you have access to a range of detail. The quantum aspect is then trying to get you to subconsciously visualise novel connections between the material you are seeing and the detail of the material you are noticing.

The time in months is to both get better at this and to do it automatically I assume.

Might be basic observational method, it is indeed observation.It’s definitely better than just coming in to a situation not processing anything but what is said to you the way it was said to you. From this though its easy to make different variations that may be more effective, I think the basis of this is to develop meta-cognitive steps. When you are solving a problem you have enough information for but you are getting stuck on, often there is a general way that you could have solved this problem. Knowing and abiding by some such general ways is better than getting stuck, trying the same thing again or waiting for an idea to pop up. Or so I would have thought these methods were about.

Regardless on the perspective of the points, I think at least the ‘having access to the details of things’ is very useful or being able to observe and re-trigger connections between details by sight of them alone. Especially if you remember to do this automatically. How effective it actually is depends on what you would consider the optimal structure to do things is, being given stimulus X.

As for naming logic :
Image streaming : stream of data of any type being processed in this case images being processed along with their descriptions.
Quantum - > the combination of 2 states, the only place this makes logic sense is with quantum computers or believing that waves are not one thing and therefore +image makes quantum for quantity, or even that x+y = quantum of x’s if y is part of x (image is part of wave -> assuming that an image is one thing or many things which a wave represents-> perhaps as a brain wave of visualisation).
wave - > by the above logic , brain wave, wave of something increasing hence physical objects area increasing. Wave to imply because a wave can represent many points on something like a graph it is many things.

In short just random names that the author thought fitted well and liked using.


When I see the word Quantum used to describe anything outside of Physics, my ■■■■■■■■ alarm goes off. It’s almost invariably a cheap attempt to hitch a ride on the confused cloud of mysticism that surrounds that topic in popular writing.

I don’t dismiss the idea out of hand. I’ll follow this thread and see if I think it has real merit. :slight_smile:


Hi there! I just wanted to note that my technique doesn’t build on Quantum Wave Streaming. The crucial difference between default Image Streaming and my version is the way how you describe.

Doing it with eyes open gives a nice boost though once the process has kicked in.

Did the teacher’s exercise also include describing the mental images that enter your mind randomly?


Trick question ?

Like if this should automatically start happening at that very moment?

The second a method depends on something that is “supposed” to happen in the mind, it becomes a very subjective experience.

Random images that have nothing to do with the observations we are doing at the moment ? Or in relation to previous steps, or just a bit ?Woooo mind split :see_no_evil::bomb::boom:!

Perhaps instead of all these quantum/stream/wave steps that seem to be nothing more than focus/attention/observation/introspection exercises, sharing the steps but with actual real examples could help me understand this.

The thing is, I do a lot of these observation exercises, and whenever I have random thoughts or images that surprise me, there is just nothing happening there differently from when random images or thoughts surprise me at any time at any moment of the day, no matter what I’m doing. And sure, if it’s something that I find interesting, I’ll note it, explore it, describe, aloud or not.

actual real examples of all the steps and especially those random images that are supposed to be the result of these exercises. That would help.

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