Potentially boosting working memory by 10 times or more

A list of how this may be done is below

  1. Chunking and Memory Palace(7-14) Chunks

  2. Boosted Concentration(14-20 Chunks)(As they increase memory)

  3. Recognition Memory(I believe that we can recognise and recollect 3x more items than we can recall them as I know from my experience of checking answers in numbers in the Memory League(For objects by using Visual Recognition Memory)= 42-60 chunks of memory.

  4. Recognition+Recall Memory=63-80 chunks

  5. Somehow solving the problem of always forgetting the last few items in a list especially after counting the number of items left to be recalled(81-100) items in memory.

And we can remember their order by placing a number shape drawing in each image so that we can recall it with its number and know it’s position!.

Note- I know that using chunking and Mind Palace increases memory and so does concentration and we can recognise correct memories more than we can remember them and if this is combined with recall memory then we can have more memory especially if we do not forget the last few items on the list as for numbers,words or other types of games in The Memory League,

I suspect that we can not recall the last few items in our lists due to reduced focus and multitasking(Counting the no. of items left to be recalled anyways.),

And maybe be a brain exercise to help us access more and more of our uncouncious memory(Millions of Chunks) and our Recognition Memory(Potentially 4x greater than our Recall Memory) will help,

While another brain exercise that slowly reduces our small but potentially steady reliance on memory techniques while making us retain or increase our memory performance will also help,

How This Can Be Done

  1. By reducing your reliance on memory techniques slowly,slowly while still retaning the same memory performance(And Make it reasonably challanging by increasing or decreasing the no of items that you need to recall accordingly.)

  2. It is being a WIP Edit if this post ,