Poses of photography

Can anyone suggest me system to remember different poses for photography…like this


I would say loci/memory palace + visualization.

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I faild to do it… how can i use different poses in loci + visualization…Can you please describe it in detail with example…or refer any resources…
Thanks sir

For the 1st and 2nd one, you could walk inside your room and you would see a random girl with cat ears sitting with her arm like that on a chair in your room. You look to your bed and you see a random guy clothed in an orange jumpsuit posing on your bed (pose #2, the 2nd pose) and you would play this over and over in your minds’ eye and try to get it to stick whichever way possible. Do the rest similarly.

I believe that’s how I would’ve done it/or how I do it for some of my things.

You could do other methods too but idk. if it would possibly complicate things?

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I would use a loci method/palace/journey and turn each pose into a person, series character, movie star, animal… that could pose like that. Make it very memorable by adding strange events, short stories, humor, love …

And repeat a lot. There’s no substitute for hard work.

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Seems a combination of letters/numbers could get the “pose.” I was able to quickly look at the poses and it worked for most. for others, perhaps letters/numbers/action

Do they need to be “linked” in any way?

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Thanks fuenxsvfx,no need to link them,
How would you make combination of letters/ numbers for the 1,2,3… pose.please tell what would you have done…

I think it is good idea…i will try that…thank you

Ok. thanks

These poses are super useful for every people on earth…it gives instant rewards…the first reward is happiness on others face…thank you all for brain storming…
If you think some thing else… please let me know…