Populating a memory palace while reading

As i wrote in my bio, i have recently tested to do the note-taking straight to my memory palace while reading. Usually i use onenote for taking notes. However, i noticed that populating my memory palace with notes while reading, is slightly faster than reading & writing notes physically. Although it is not much faster, it has the advantage of almost 100% retention instantly. I mean, i dont have to study the notes later to remember them.

Some info:

  • I am currently taking Microeconomics at saylor.org. It was the coursebook for that course that i tried this on.
  • Reading & note-taking speed = 280wpm including note-taking time.

Example (first 8 pages of the chapter):
Before i began reading chapter 2 of “Principles of Microeconomics” i decided that i would try to take notes in my memory palace, instead of in my OneNote software. The chapter name is “Confronting Scarcity: Choices in Production” and these are my notes i make while i read (not static until i finished the subheading). “i walk up to my door and on the stairs i see a nugget (it is scarce) and a ring, neck-less and earring next to it (some items we can choose to produce from the nugget). Than i open the door and i see an airplane crashing towards me. And in the entrance hallway there is now airport security, and all the shoes and jackets that usually hangs there are now gone. <the chapter begins by talking about 911 and how we since that choose higher security over other things>
I walk into the kitchen an on the floor a small stone (micro-economy Mi.E.) and on the kitchen table i see a bigger stone (macro-economy, Ma.E), than my washing-machine which has the letters F.O.P (factors of production) on it. The washing machine = capital, water from the machine = natural resources, and my step mother (with a big brain) and 10 clones of my sister are taking out dishes = Labor (1 step mother = 10 sisters in human capital). My father (who is an entrepreneur) is the size of the Mi.E. stone (since entrepreneurs are a big factor in Mi.E.) and the microwave (technology important in both Mi.E & Ma.E) on a shelf over my mini father. Both the Microwave and my father are controlling my sisters and stepmother, washing machine and the water.”
<Than the chapter continues to talk about the Factors of production and that there are 2 kinds of human resources and that technology and entrepreneurs are used to put these F.O.P into use, etc, etc. > Of course these images brings up some other stuff the chapter talks about as well, but it would take to long to write about it all.

My reading speed the first 8 pages were 320 wpm. And my comprehension a lot better than it normally is. Without visualize it like this, i would a problems to connect that the technology and entrepreneurs where “controlling” the F.O.P, which probably is the most important thing in these 8 pages. So, when i made up these images how my father was controlling my stepmother while she was taking out dishes really made me better understand the concept. Why i read faster was probably because i didn’t re-read a sentence even once, probably because i was more focused.

I hope i could get some feedback on this system. Anyone else tried to do something similar (populating the palace while reading). Since this is a completely new technique for me there has to be at least some improvements that can be done. Also i am afraid i am going to run out of space in my house, 8 pages basically occupied the entrance and half the kitchen. The book is well over 500 pages!!


Great. I take notes on the fly too. I use a System called LCDFrames to internalize it forever.
Which speed reading book(s) helped you the most. List them in order of superiority.

Please explain LCDFrames. I googled it and found only photographic stuff!

I don’t think I read so fast without taking notes! If you were using onenote, would the notes be more detailed or less?
Looks like size and complexity of memory palace could be limiting. (but what do I know!). Otherwise, your system sounds great!

Just use new palaces/journeys.

Some ideas: Video gaming maps, route to work/school/friends house, friendshouse/school/work, store you go to frequently, coffeeshop/gasstation, walk in the park, moviescenes/movietheater, you can even use google street view if you don’t want to(or can’t) leave the house, or some tv shows apparently explore houses. Or even people.

Good luck


I googled LCD Frames as well, with no results. Not even “LCD Frames” + “memorize” gave any related results.

Do you used this kind on note-taking while reading textbooks? How did you do with the retention? I mean, i feel kinda scared now after doing this for another chapter, suddenly there is a lot to lose. And if i lose it, there are no physical notes that could help me remember.
Ive read 2 speed reading books, but none are worth mentioning. I dint find the concept that good for text books, they talk about wpr’s in the beginning ranging from 800-2000 to get you excited. I felt that while my wpm went up my retention declined. However there is one book that helped me go from 200wpr to 280-300 note taking included. I always include note taking bc that’s what you usually do when reading text books.The name of that book was “Breakthrough Rapid Reading”.

I read on my Kindle DX, having it in a stand just in-front of my laptop. So i can easily write down notes just moving my hands behind the kindle. The notes would be much more detailed in onenote, this is probably why i read faster populating my mind palace. When i write notes, i write much more than necessary. Sometimes i feel that i am just noting down stuff for the “fun” of it, and in doing so losing the Authors red thread. This hasn’t happen when i try this new method, it seems that i understand more. And because i understand more, i see the unimportant stuff between the lines which i now can skim.

Thanks for the tips, google maps sounds great i will experiment some with it. I dont like real places i usually go to or places i have been. Mostly because i would like to have some organization of where my info is. If i put micro-economy where i usually run where should i than put macro ec, business eco, etc. i want them close to each other. I actually solved this problem today while reading chapter 3. I feel like i can write info on my walls (today i put 3 graphs on one wall) which makes my house big enough. I am creating the house in SIMS by the way, so i can easily create another house close for related subjects.

As far as Iam and LCDFrames go, sadly, I think you guys have been duped. He is probably referring to Google Glass. That was a pretty popular item back when this was published. This is further supported by the words “internalized forever”, meaning, backed-up to a cloud server. In other words, it doesn’t really count, for reading and memorizing on the fly. He’s reviewing (and possibly cheating).

This way of reading is actually great. I also do something similar to what you do.
First I pre-read the chapter (usually takes 60 seconds) which includes titles, subtitles of topics, interesting topics, words, concepts etc.
Then I start reading it from the first page (@ 550wpm) and after finishing a paragraph (or ussually 7-10 lines if the paragraph is too long), I simplify the language and explain the info to myself (10 seconds per paragraph) and then I pick up keywords, turn them into images and place them in loci (10 seconds). I do this untill I finish a chapter while reviewing all the images after completing a page.
One thing I wanna suggest, don’t memorize as you are reading, it’s just gonna slow you down. Take small pauses between paragraphs or few lines and then memorize the main ideas. It takes very less time as compared to memorizing all the concepts + taking notes. Once you understand the concept, it’s very easy to recall it later with cues.

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