Peg list images

What is simon complete peg list
Please tell me

Let’s start off with a more important question.

Why do you want to use a system made by someone else, rather than build your own system that is made to fit you?


I’ll have to second Mayarra’s comment. Your own unique images will always be more memorable —and more meaningful — for you than someone else’s.

But, of course, if you’re having trouble coming up with a specific association for a combination of numbers/letters, do feel free to ask.



Which peg list are you looking for? Are you referring to the one for Memory League images?

Yes simon that list but that is not completed i want complete list because
Mayarra, rmbittner and josh
Im not a native english man. my native language is different so i face problem to create my own list similar to simon so i need a reference of complete simon peg list to create my own list
Please help me

Here’s my list:

Letter Action
A chop with Axe
B throw Ball
C Cling-wrap
D cover with Dots
E Eat
F burn with Fire
G hit with Golf club
H imagine Hair
I Iron
J Jump over
K Kiss
L Lick
M imagine Miniature
N imagine New
O Open
P Paint
Q involve the Queen
R Rub
S Shoot
T Twist
U look Up
V Vomit
W add Water
X cross out
Y hang a Yo-yo
Z Zoom in

My best is still only around 24 seconds, so it’s probably not a world-record breaking method, but it’s very consistent. At one point I was up to something like 50 games without a mistake.


Great system.

I have been looking for something like this for my memory “tool box”.

I currently have a total of 300 number pegs using various systems ie number shapes, association etc.

I also have a simple straight forward alphabet system that is dedicated full-time to a specific presentation.

This system will be free to use on whatever comes along, without effort.

In fact, those unexpected times are typically the occasions I need to use a trained memory…etc.

This is a really simple system.

However, I feel sure it took you months and months to get it up and running in such a simple, easy to use manner!

Thank you for all of hour work in developing it.

Likewise, thank you for your generosity in sharing it with me free of charge.

It needs to be introduced in schools in year 1.


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