Palaces from TV shows

Hey everyone,

In the book Moonwalking with Einstein, Josh Foer mentioned that one of the top level memory gm’s uses a tv show that explores different houses to easily create memory palaces. Does anyone know of any tv show that does that? Or has anyone used this?


In the UK we have a pretty awful TV programme called ‘Through the Keyhole’ which is something like that.

Another option is to look at the National Trust website, because many of the historic properties have lots of pictures and sometimes floorplans.

Or how about a property (real estate) selling website, such as There will be photos, floorplans and sometimes walk-through videos.


I tried those places, they seem to very rarely have videos, usually its just a slideshow of pictures. I have been looking on youtube, and there are some good ones, albeit small. I’m thinking, better find 1 huge house than 5 small ones, so I’m looking more for houses of millionaires and such, If I find any good ones, I’ll share.

Ill try to find some episodes of that TV show too. Weird, so far I haven’t found any millionaires showing off their homes…


Edit: So far, a problem is they always skip from room to room, even if its not a slideshow of pictures. I need to see how everything connects.

Theres like 10 videos, 20 minutes long each, about restoring a governors mansion here, Its too long for me to watch, but it probably goes over the whole house.

People also seem very eager to share a tour of their “minecraft” mansions, which might work. The textures are a bit simplistic and repetitive, but Ill consider it. Here are examples.

I just randomly found this on youtube.
I followed the link and explored it a bit; it works very well. If anyone wants to use the Taj Mahal as a huge memory palace, just follow the link to google maps in the description of the video. There are probably other places as well.

I’ll walk through/tape my multi-million dollar home for you guys when I have the chance, but I’m way too busy right now with the USAMC coming up. It would take a while.

It seems to me, though I’ve not tried, that art museums might make very good memory palaces. They often have catalogs which show their contents and floor plans, they have wings organized by theme, and the artworks themselves have merit and can serve as nooks and crannies. You might use the structure of the Sistine Chapel itself as a memory palace.

I do wonder if perhaps open house inspections might be a good way to pick up lots of rooms in a short time? I think expericing it physically might be more powerful than videos (perhaps?). Just my $0.02.

a zoo might also be a good memory palace

Here’s a mansion you can walk through
That’s the beginning of a video tour, but you can walk through it yourself!

Have you ever looked into google sketch? There are premade houses/mansions that you can virtually walk through however you want.
If you download google sketch, which is free, you can walk through all of them.

MTV had a TV show call “cribs” and the main idea is: famous people show their millionaire mansions. You can watch some videos on YouTube. They have a lot of rooms and interesting objects.