Over Thinking

When I am gong to start new work, going to discussion with new person fist I think a lot and can’t perform in real time with positively.

I am thinking over and over abut my family members.

Overthinking is become my habit for all the time, most of time I start to thinking.

Anxiety issue,it seems! Usually related to traumatic experiences of the past. Change that experience of the past, you will have less anxiety, anger,sadness at present.

Did you try meditation?

Mostly agree with @elitely. This sounds like a response to anxiety. It’s a form of worrying. Worrying is a trap. It’s a trick we play on ourselves when faced with a future over which we have no control, the brain imagines that worrying about it gives some kind of control. It’s a primitive magical thinking circuit. It’s a very expensive way to try and feel comfortable with uncertainty. In practice, how well does all this preplanning serve you? If all you do is stew and show up even more anxious than you needed to be then it’s not helping.

I don’t pretend to be a psychologist but the common sense suggestion is to find a better way to handle your anxiety (which in the case of relatives might well be justified)

Just by the way:
Hamlet is the iconic example of overthinking. He should have killed his uncle, married Ophelia and ruled Denmark. He doesn’t lack courage - he fights duels readily but he thinks too much and is paralyzed. The central soliloquy “To be or not to be” explores this directly.

I personally over-think a lot, regarding pretty much all situations, why they are occurring the way they are or how someone is talking to me in pretty much every situation along with assumptions I make forwards. I personally like doing this though, it gives me a kind of reassurance and deeper insight, without the worry as just as I have said I enjoy doing this I don’t have many negative thoughts to it.

I think in your case you are not ‘trying’ to do this but it happens all on its own and it isn’t on the topic but other things in your life. These kinds of things can be trained both in ways to increase or decrease their frequency. Mediating as @elitely said is currently a well known way to completely cease doing this.

Yes, this is right, I think a lot same Anxiety issue.

I am doing meditation since 2 month

Thank you for suggestion

I am thinking everything when anything happen with me happy and sad moment.

Two methods that I found for myself, here are two methods which help me when I fall into unwanted and repetitive thinking: 1. I ask myself, “Where am I now, this second, this moment, where am I?” 2. I look at a very small spot or period mark on a page, watching until all I see is the spot.

When I pay attention to my question asking where I am, my mind turns to look for an answer to the question instead of whatever previously my mind was mumbling about.

When I watch a mark on a page or on the wall until all other eyesight is ignored, my thoughts turn to see what I am doing before my thoughts again wander. This helps me because the thoughts come back one-at-a-time instead of altogether, giving time for me to see my thoughts.

I share this because these methods have helped me and they might help others.

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Anxiety could also have biological reasons. Some of us are biologically prone to anxiety!!

In my case,I found that breathing practice helps a lot to calm myself down. I regularly practice the Wim Hom Breathing technique,which claims that it can raise and balance the “PH” level of our body.

Also,if your thinking is ‘verbal’ in nature,then ‘mantra meditation’ works wonder to divert the ‘verbal attack/negative self talks’ of the mind. Mantra Meditation is a wonderful technique used by the ‘saints,yogis,meditators’ to get rid of overwhelming thoughts/chatters of the mind…

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You Suggestion is very nice, I am trying to follow your information.

But I need to know is it the common problem, OR this is a big problem because I seen in most of people like my relatives and friends they are not worrying as compare to me I worried a lot.

Hi,many suffer from anxiety related issue. This is a common problem,though,you might see many around you having very low level of anxiety. There are different levels of anxiety. It is like anger. We all have the emotion of anger. But different persons handle and express anger differently.

Anxity,like anger,is not always bad thing. Sometimes anxiety helps to remain alert about the upcoming dangers! It is just when it gets overwhelming and hampers our day to day works or peace of mind,then,we have to work on anxity to manage it…

Anxiety,like anger,is manageable…

I had anxiety related issue. I still have anxiety,but it is at tolerable and manageable level. I had to work on both my mind and body together to minimize my anxiety and anger level.

It is remarkable how much changes we humans can bring to our body and mind,just by working on managing them. I guess,that is why,the very experienced meditators say,at the deeper level of mind,there is only ‘emptiness’…meaning,all emotional stuffs like anger,sadness,fear vanish if we keep working on our mind(brain)!