On French and Spreadsheets

Hey Dale, I really like this idea. It would be great to do this with phrases and idioms as well, as I’ve come to discover that they’re an extremely important part of reading French. Do you know whether that would be technologically feasible with your method?

Hi Dayman, You’re sure right about the idioms.The textalysor can give you the most common 2,3 or 4 word prhases in the text which often indicates an idiom. The thing about reading classic literature is that you often see the “birthplace” of certain idioms. I used to think that there was a one to one correlation between words in one language and those of another, but finally I realized that this word in French sorta kinda almost means this word in English. :slight_smile:

That’s brilliant. I just tried it with the lyrics to Meditação (Portuguese).

I had to paste the textalyser.net results into OpenOffice Calc, then the word column from Open Office into Google Docs. The result is here:

I just downloaded a CSV file from that spreadsheet and imported it into Anki. Works great, and didn’t take long…