Number Shape 0-9 Peg List

Hi everyone,

Below is a basic number peg list that I personally used from 0-9 with images that match each number to a shape.

You can copy and paste below into your own spreadsheet, or you can download the csv file or anki deck (with images) from my site.



Front Shape
1 Pencil
2 Swan
3 Heart
4 Sailboat
5 Hook
6 Golf Club
7 Scythe
8 Hourglass
9 Balloon On Stick
10 Fork And Plate

I’m afraid to say you did not reinvent the wheel, your list is a very well known list already, apart from “7 Scythe” never seen that one before. I usually use an Axe for my 7 similar to your shape for 7. But I’ve also studied the rest of the number shape images from 10 - 100 as well which I recommend if you haven’t already studied these. I learned this from Ron White, 10 for fingers (we have 10 fingers), 11 for cricket sticks, 12 for whale, 13 pregnant woman, 14 flower (valentines day), 15 for man in a disable chair etc. I copied some of the other people that made sense to me as well and created some of myself to reach 100 number shapes, in this case 100 would be “Loo” (a toilet). I use this sometimes to memorise phone numbers and number plates of cars, works well, I’m still thinking of other uses for them like memorising playing cards but Dominic system is the one I use at the moment.

Definitely didn’t reinvent the wheel here, just presenting how I organized it. I’m VERY interested in your other shapes. I don’t know why, I just never thought of expanding past 10, but now you’ve seriously piqued my interest.
As far as actual uses of memory on longer numbers I would never use this list; I personally use the Ben method because I get three digits in one image, as opposed to 2 with the Dominic (although I’ve also created a Dominic PAOWS list that can hold longer), but personally I like the Ben method for phone numbers.
I use this peg list for simple stuff, my errands that day, or if I need an itemized (ordered) list in a loci in one of my memory palaces.
Do you have a link for your 00-100 number shape list (if it’s public)?

I was trying to create a system with both dominic and major, while I was doing so I just realised I was seeing the shapes of the numbers as everyday objects and animals, so I started working on that, although most are number shapes, some are still association based, I had all 100 of them at first, but some were not right, so I restarted and I’m 3/4 way done with it.
I’m updating it as I go along on the forum here if it might be an interest.

Interesting to see you have a Dominic PAOWS system, do you have a link to your post?