Number keyboard 2 digit system 2.0

The original Number keyboard 2 digit system, just for fun has evolved so much that my original post is no longer very helpful.

First things first: basic priciples of the system

priciple 1: illusion of cause and effect

The internet is full of so called video mashups in which two or more completely unrelated videos are shown in such a way that it created a powerful illusion of cause and effect. A perfect example is the epic series of the “blaaspijp man” (blow gun man) on the Dutch video site ( The basic premise of these videos is a blow gun hunter who shoots with his blow gun and appears to hit somebody from the second video and smiles to the camera after the fact. Lots of magic tricks are based on this priciple as well. An example of this is the “sawing a lady in half trick” in which the acting of the lady has to be in perfect correlation with saw handling of the magician to make the illusion work.

principle 2: predetermined combination of action,object/person/animal and location/trajectory creates easier recollection

In the standard memory palace method, it is possible to remember that you threw something against your front door or that you placed something very precisely on the bottom of some staircase, without being able to remember what that something is. In the number keyboard method, this is not very likely to happen, because knowing the location gives you a very limited amount of possible objects and knowing both the location and the direction of the movement (like something shooting out of the bottom right corner of the matrix; a red pilled Dolphin escaping the matrix in my version of this system) will give you the desired object all the time.

summary of the method

2 digit numbers are read as words (choose whatever number to word method you prefer) and the objects/persons/animals representing these words do something (or something is done with them) in a predetermined way (both in terms of their precise action and their location or trajectory) inside and outside a (mostly) 2 dimensional square/matrix. The sequence of these actions creates a highly memorable movie.

Why the number key board

Originally I had an intuition about typing numbers on an inmaginary number keyboard and looking at the patterns this creates and think of an object (or person/animal) that does something that would represent this pattern. Furthermore I imagined that in the actual memorisation process I would both type the numbers and visualise the objects. It soon became evident to me that this practice is completely unnecessary.

The only purpose of the number key board is to help create an optimal distribution of action/object locations in and around the square/matrix. In my version there is a perfect correlation between the objects represententing a 2 digit number and the location of the number keys corresponding with this number; I don’t think however, that it has much of an advantage.

Some examples

Before I forget: “0” is not necessary a key below the matrix but is everywhere around the matrix (so every number starting with "0 " is represented by an object moving from the outside to the corresponding number key location).

13 = a giant crab attacking the matrix from below grabbing the bottom left corner first and than the right corner;
02 = a knife being pushed into the matrix from the middle of the bottom;
97 = a speedboat jumping over the matrix and hitting both the right and left corner;
28 = a giraf being placed in position so it is standing in the middle of the matrix with his head against the ceiling;
10 = a spear shooting out of the matrix from the bottom left corner.
09 = an oil drum smashed against the upper right corner of the matrix, causing oil leaking inside the matrix.

Final thoughts

I left out what I believe are my best number representations, but as powerful as they appear to me, so difficult are they to put into words. Which maps onto something that I’m becoming increasingly aware of: the only things that’s important is wheter or not something is memorable; sometimes this means replacing a beautiful thought out object-action creation for a more mundane one and sometimes it’s the opposite that you need to do.