Notetaking ideas

Hi there,
I’m currently trying to sort out the various ways with which I can level up my notetaking and would love to hear about your current workflows.

The app i currently use is Joplin - the notes are written in markdown and can be synced via syncthing between android and windows.

I’ve just recently run into the zettelkasten philosophy of notetaking that seems interesting, but I’m wondering if it’s even worth the effort. The basic idea is atomicity of notes - every idea or concept is a single note that is linked with other notes contextually.

Wondering how you guys handle notes of various kinds (quick notes, permanent wikis, journal entries, lists) and what workflows/apps you use on desktop and mobile. Thanks!


I use onenote with mini graphic pad at polytechnic. I like the fact that i can make a huge zoom to make tiny colorful side note/drawing (tons of drawings) if needed. It is easy to throw pdf document inside. And i can temporarly hide part of texst to make revision. I also use magnetic black board (for children or to put on fridge) to write down what i remembered and check if it is right without wasting paper and to cut some screen time.


if you like the zettelkasten idea you might enjoy obsidian? It’s also markdown files, you can store everything locally and it’s free!

I use Google docs when I want to journal, for everything else.