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Thanks for the link, but lots of the games just aren’t working (for example the names and faces game)

It appears to be working here. What isn’t working for you with it? Is the page not loading?

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Exactly, I see the top menu but the rest is just a white screen.

I should mention I tried this is three different browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

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Tried incognito on Chrome with no extensions at all, still having this problem.

Could you open it in Firefox and then press ctrl-shift-k? It should open a console like in the screenshot below (though it might be a different color). Are there any messages there?

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Thanks for opening a new thread for this, I was just in the middle of messaging you.

As for your question, at first I had lots of messages in the console but I saw they all said that Javascript elements (.js) were blocked due to content blocking, so I disabled that for the website.
Now I don’t see those messages anymore, only this message:

Use of navigator.sendBeacon instead of synchronous XMLHttpRequest during unload and pagehide improves user experience.

This only shows after I refreshed the page, not when I first entered it.

I also made sure to disable all extensions that could be causing problems (uBlock, Privacy badger and HTTPS everywhere).

Strange :thinking:

If you open the page in an incognito Chrome window (without any extensions enabled) and then press F12 to open the console, are there console messages there?

Also, do you have any network-level blocking, like Pi Hole, or extra rules in your hosts file?

Sorry, no messages in incognito Chrome either, not even when I refresh multiple times.

For your second question, no I do not.

Thanks for checking. Could you reload it in Chrome (Incognito) and right click on the blank page. Choose “Inspect” and take a screenshot of that result in the console. Then paste the screenshot into a post here. That might provide a clue.

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Thanks, I see now. Click “Sign In” and then it should work.

(Sorry about that, a fix is coming soon.)

Yep, working now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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