Newbie question - Lists of things to remember with the same number of items

Hi, Sorry for asking such a newbie question as this, but how do you recommend remembering multiple lists of things that have the same number of items in them.

As an example, and I know these are only very short lists, but the question still applies for longer lists:
7 lists = Deadly Sins / Virtues / Dwarfs / Ancient Wonders / Modern Wonders, etc
12 lists = Astrological signs / Chinese Zodiac / Moon Names / Birthstones, etc

Do you have to create a unique journey/palace with the same number of loci for each list? Can/do you have a memory palace of numbered rooms, where room 7 has 7 loci in it and room 12 has 12 loci in it and you associate the items in those rooms? Can you even use the same journey/palace for all the 7s and another for all the 12s or do they get mixed up?

In theory, with the examples above, I know the 12s could somehow all be linked to each other and then to calendar months but these are just examples off the top of my head - I’m sure there are many other facts out there that total equal numbers.

If you use separate journeys/palaces, then how do you know which one to look for/use when you need the info?

As a beginner in this art, the thought of creating a gazillion memory palaces fills me with dread.

Additionally, just out of interest for the examples given, have any of you committed this info to memory and used a different method? What method? I’m half expecting you guys to just look at the minimal info there and ‘just’ remember it but that’s not true is it? Is it?

Thanks again

@Magicdave, here’s my quick opinion for you:

As long as you have more pegs than things to store you’re OK. If you use a story, you don’t have to worry about length.

Reusing your pegs has been covered in multiple places on the forum and can be searched easily with reusing or reuse or just browsing the list of topics at Is it possible to reuse memory palaces?.

Let’s say you use your body as a simple set of location pegs. I have twelve in mine. The first is the top of my head. I’d start the seven deadly sins with a pride of lions in my hair. I start the virtues with sticky prunes in my hair. With the zodiac, maybe you start with Aquarius, the water bearer, because it starts in January. All you have to do is associate the type of list (the cue) with the first peg value and they will stay separate. Sin gets you thrown to the lions. Virtue is eating prunes to help digestion. The book of constellations of the zodiac are soaked by the water from the water pitcher.

Do a search for how to create palaces also for help there. My “palaces” (I use the terms pegs and stories) are large and use all sorts of methods based on which ones work best. The more you practice the better you can look at something and ‘just’ remember it if I understand you correctly.

Good luck and enjoy browsing the pages here!

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