New VR Games useful for memory palaces?


I wish I could’ve used memory techniques more often, but what’s holding me back is the lack of large memory palaces. So, I’ve checked out which new games are available for Oculus Rift. Have any of you tried any of these?

  • Roblox. You can download other people’s maps, and build your own houses. And to save time one can get others to build at Fiverr (just search for roblox)
  • Rec Room. You can make your own houses, I haven’t tried either, but at first glace it looks more cumbersome than Roblox.

For the sole purpose of making memory palaces, I got Minecraft, but that was time down the drain. I learnt the basics, but building isn’t done in a flash, and the maps lacked enough detail to be useful. So alas, I’ve got no great tool for custom maps.

Right now I’d like to build a map for learning about Big Five personality traits. Ideally I’d like a star shaped house, each of the five “prongs” in the star would be a hall (making it one hall for each trait) and in each hall I’d have six doors leading to separate rooms (one for each of the 6 facets of each trait).

I haven’t used the games you mentioned above. But I have used several different open-world games (GTA, Red Dead Redemption etc.) to make memory palaces.

I will try that “Roblox”. It sounds promising. I have set myself a challenge to memorize the Swiss Constitution (around 200 Articles) by midnight (it’s 1 pm right now here). If I can use this game to make a custom-made palace that fits this information perfectly, I will let you know :smiley: Otherwise I’ll just make up a palace from the real world on the go.

By the way, I have made some palaces from the game “Skyrim VR” on my PSVR. They work very well. I don’t have an Oculus Rift.

That “Roblox” seems to be a multiplayer online game. So I didn’t try it, as I don’t want other people messing with my memory palaces :rofl: I’ll just use a real place.

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It says on the Wikipedia page for the game that it’s available in “Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer”. Though I haven’t tried it yet.

Please tell more about the Skyrim palaces. I bought both Skyrim and FO4 with the intention of making memory palaces, but I found it too hard to make customized worlds. I actually upgraded my desktop to be oculus ready solely for walking around in such memory palaces - which I haven’t done yet.

I think customization is key for remembering some things, like the Big Five personality I mentioned earlier. I would then like a star shaped house, and in each “prong” of the star I’d have a hall leading to six rooms.

I don’t know the Swiss Constitution, but I assume it would be best remembered with some kind of structure, because there are clauses and amendments and such that belong together, and should be clustered in the right kind of way.

Here’s some info on how to make Roblox single player.

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The Skyrim palaces are not customizable, I just made some journeys with 26 locations each to use them as journeys when I memorize things on memory league. They work, but they’re not that great to be honest.

I’m always looking for games that allow me to make memory palaces that fit the information I want to memorize, but I haven’t found any yet, that let me do that without much effort. If you find a good game, let me know! :smiley:

For the Swiss Constitution, I made an excel-sheet yesterday, with the number of the Article and a keyword that describes the content of that Article. Now I just have to memorize these keywords along with the People from my number system (PA).


I see! I thought Skyrim or Fallout 4 would be great since you could put monsters in there, releasing a rush of adrenaline in VR, so you’d remember the palace better.

I found this map customizer for Fallout 4, but it looks clunky and cumbersome to use. And on top of that, you don’t save each map as something you can readily access, but the customized map is just some changes made to the current game play—if I got it right.

Custom maps would work wonders. For some things, I’d like a multi-storied house, for others I’d like houses with a special shape or several small houses in a row with many quaint rooms.

I remember house architecture well (like where to go to find the bathroom), way better than the color of the carpet or the position of a chair. I know many rely on chairs and such for loci, but they’re not as sticky as room architecture for me. If there’s a roaring monster on the bathroom, when I visit the map in VR, then I’d for sure remember it. But if there’s a chair next to the bed on the guest room? It doesn’t stick. I don’t even remember small details in houses I visit rather often, like whether or not they use curtains.

I sure will ping you if I find a quick and easy solution to this. It could be that Roblox is superfast and good, but perhaps not. Do ping me if you find a quick and easy solution to this.


I use maps from the Call of Duty franchise. The graphics on some of the newer titles are extremely detailed, colorful, and realistic. The franchise has hundreds of maps so you never have to worry about running out of maps to create more journeys. I use a game capture device so I can record the journeys and take screenshots of the individual loci. When I first stated making journeys I only used “real” locations. Now I make my journeys exclusively from these games.

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Going by this video it seems like it’s possible to play Roblox while in studio mode, meaning single player and plenty of opportunities for customization.

i do not have VR but use world of warcraft from memory palaces. Places I visited in that game from back in 2005 are still fresh in the mind. Not only useful for memory palaces but nothing like decade old nostalgia

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If anyone has tried a new VR game suited for making memory palaces, please do chime in. I haven’t come around to try Roblox yet.

There is a game called house flipper where u buy and clean and re decorate houses this may be useful?

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Appreciated @origami. I just checked out House Flipper, but I see it’s not in VR.

Ah sorry no its not in vr

Looks like all you need to get Roblox VR is a computer and a cell phone.

And Google Cardboard

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I’m also very interested in using VR for memory palaces. I just got an email from Munx VR that their premium version is now available. Apparently you download the free version and then there’s some way to upgrade to premium within the free version. Anyway I don’t have VR equipment to try it myself, but would be interested in hearing how it goes for anyone else if they try it.

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It might not be VR but Fortnite is a great game for Memory Palaces. You can literally build your own buildings, areas, cities and there a thousands of maps made by other people available.

The map builder is really easy to use, too. There are many “re-builds” from maps from other games too, for example from Black Ops II or even Counter Strike (aim_deagle and such).

But using maps made by other people is the strongest point (of course after building your own ones, which has the disadvantage of being quite time intense).

I find the comic look of the game and the high contrasts to be helping with remembering. And the game is free, which is awesome.

You can find maps by other people at this link. Using the unique codes, you can access them on any platform. I can highly recommend the “Hide n Seek” maps, since they usually have a lot of details and different rooms/houses etc.


Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t heard of Munx before. I checked it out now, and I see they say here that you don’t actually need a VR set to be able to use it. But when or if you purchase a VR set, it would work better. It’s free for now, so do let me know if you’ll check it out.

Welcome to the boards, Monti, and thanks for your feedback. I really do find houses to be optimal for memory maps, and good houses is what most games are lacking. But alas, no VR.

With regards to 2D games, I don’t have one which I’ve played enough times to make the map stick. And although customs maps are fantastic for memory palaces, just a long linear journey, without branches to the left and right when needed, would also be very useful. Especially if uploaded to the Art of Memory software.

I haven’t come around to really use the Art of Memory software yet, although I bought access long before the launch date.

I don’t know if it’s any good, but on steam there is memory palace software called “Macunx”
I’ve been meaning to reach out to those guys.
Edit: Ah. Did they change their name to “Munx?”
But Munx isn’t even a word…

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Do report back to us if you give it a go! It’s called Munx, but written Macunx, and to add to the confusion their website’s name is Linguisticator. But it looks like they’ve got good stuff!

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The problem I have with 3D video game palaces is - the textures used are too repetitive compared to real life locations. Minecraft or Roblox would be frustrating for me to use as a palace for this reason.

However, technology has improved quite a bit so perhaps I should try again.

I made a memory palace using the “Stage 9” fan recreation of the Star Trek Enterprise D bridge. It is made with the Unreal Engine. It worked pretty well.

I find computer games highly addictive so I am nervous about using them…

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