New software update - usability testing

Congratulations on your site renovation :slight_smile:

I’ve done some quick usability testing. I can report that LastPass now works correctly.

Here are two comments relating to the password dialog and to the password reset email.

Comment 1: The password reset email has the text: “Alternatively, you can log in using any supported online service (Google, Facebook, etc) that is associated with this validated email address.” I think this text on alternative login methods should be inserted in the login dialog that’s presented when the user clicks “Log In”. There are various sites that present such dialogs, but I can’t remember any at the moment :slight_smile:

Of course, if you do include the alternative login methods on the Login dialog, then the above text should be removed from the reset email, because the user will already have made her choice of login method.

Comment 2: The email starts with the text “Somebody asked to add a password to your account on Art of Memory Forum.”

The use of “somebody” is correct. However, in common usage, the word normally refers to anyone but yourself. For example, “Somebody stole my car.”

Secondly, “Somebody asked to add a password…”. I think that statement might scare fairly new users, or elderly people, or non-techies.

Here’s a more neutral, reassuring statement from the Mozilla login:

“You are receiving this notification because you (or someone pretending to be you) has requested a new password be sent for your account on “mozillaZine Forums”. If you did not request this notification then please ignore it, if you keep receiving it please contact the board administrator.”

Your reset email has obviously been copied from the How To Geek:

"Somebody asked to reset your password on How-To Geek Discussion.

If it was not you, you can safely ignore this email.

Click the following link to choose a new password:"

I think the above text is OK, because non-techie people are unlikely to use the HTG site. So, the text contains short, blunt, terse, brutal text like any other tech documentation.

Comment on the use of the 3-horizontal-lines icon at top right here:

The use of the three-line icon seems to be overloading this icon. It’s normally used for options or preferences. For example, look here:


At the top left, you see the icon marked “Settings”.

Also, look at top right and you see the familiar standard head-and-shoulders icon that usually indicates “Profile”. I think this standard icon should be used on the AOM (Art of Memory) site instead of the “O” in a square at top right.

I think there should be a “Forum” button at the top of each page - possibly to the left of the “Resources” button. I think the forum might be the main reason why people visit the site. In my own case, my AOM bookmark is for the forum - not for the Home page.

For a different reason, I think there should be a “Home” button. There’s a lot of useful info, but there’s no way to find it, except by looking at your browser history.

At this point in my usability testing, I noticed that I had been silently logged out. Maybe there should be a warning pop-up.

In fact, the use of automatic logouts is normally used only as a security precaution on sensitive sites, such as online banking, in case the user leaves her laptop unattended. I’m not sure why it’s considered necessary on a site dealing with memory. No offence :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve just updated the email text to make it more friendly.

Sorry about that “O” character there. I’ve only imported some of the user profile pictures so far, and the user profile pictures default to the first letter of the username – “O” for “OldGrantonian”. I’ve just imported your original profile picture, so the letter should have disappeared. Is that what you meant?

We’ll look into making the top navbar more easy to navigate.

That’s strange – it shouldn’t log you out. I’ll send you a private message to find out more information and try to debug it.

Thanks for the feedback!