New member - Nishit - India - Needs help with Major System

Hi everyone! I need a little help with the Major system. I have a anki deck containing 220 cards (110 Notes) in which each note is number on one side and an object name on another side with its picture. These are numbers and objects according to the Major system. 0-9 & 00-99.

The problem is, it is very easy for me to recall the number when the image is shown ( < 1s ) but
when it shows the number and I have to think about the image it is very hard (sometimes taking more than 10 seconds). What should I do?


How long have you been practicing? Sometimes it takes a while for the associations to form. I used to spend a lot of time “reading numbers” whenever I saw them in daily life.


I would give you three avenues from where you are:

  1. know where all your numbers are in a memory palace. Then put your images there. This way, you have two means to reach your target image (visually, by the memory castle or audioly with the key of the Major system). It is easy to dismiss the value of this approach as only experience truly reveals its value.
  2. Change the image. It probably isn’t equally hard for all numbers. Start changing those that are hardest first. If you end up being able to tell why some images work for you better than others, it means you are really progressing here.
  3. Use or mix different methods for some numbers. Mixing methods is not particularly advisable but it helps to remind you that anyway you can avoid suffering is good. So, if you are from India, you probably know some good cricket players with their numbers instantly. You may use that instead of the Major System. For instance, here in Canada, we have a famous hockey player, with the number 99, so I say, let’s go with that and if you don’t particularly like that player (because his political views offend you) you associate him with “PooP” coming from his mouth and that image might stick for you as he skates around covering everyone…



I just created the deck day before yesterday and made this post yesterday after somehow finishing my deck. You are correct it is a little easy today. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have made all the needed changes to the images and removed those which were hard to recall.

That is a really useful technique. Thanks :slight_smile:

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This technique becomes even more useful when it serves a “real” purpose, rather than just being the container for your digit system. This way, you’ll subconsciously train your system whilst doing something else. I’ve described it here before with calendar calculation: