New HELP Anatomy and physiology palaces?

I will be taking Anatomy and Physiology this fall and I am wondering how to create a memory palace for learning the structures and functions as well the spelling if that is possible.


  1. How would you suggest I set up my palaces? Here are my ideas:
    One palace for Lecture?
    One palace for Lab?
    One palace for each chapter?
    Should I combine lecture and lab palaces based on the system? ex
    For the skeletal system perhaps have a bones building: Bottom Floor Functions/ Top Floor Structures?

I want this in my long term memory and to be able to recall within seconds be it an exam or down the road with a patient. I would you go about using places for spelling words or are palaces for remembering just the words and the functions associated to the words?
If any of you med students have your palaces could you upload them to give me ideas or know any websites that have a number of examples


Have a palace filled with other palaces, in which you store your notes on lectures/labs/chapters.

Thanks, by the way I have to return some video tapes,lol.