Needing help for study method for college

Dear Memorizers,
I’m in fourth grade of VWO now and I finally want to develop a good study method for college.
Note: I’m sorry if my English isn’t well.
I already heard a lot about memory palaces and how they work, but have some trouble how to apply them for school.
I have this year to experiment with it, because next year my grades will really count towards my certificate, or for a study I want to go to.
So I want to get good grades next year as you understand :wink: . And of course for the exams in sixth grade.
Until now, I’ve made one memory palace, and once used it to learn for a test. It was Chemistry. For a next test (Biology) I used the same palace and started over to place some pegs.
It worked a bit, but I don’t think it’s a very good method. Because, for instance, the things I learn for Biology are coming back in a next chapter…
Do I have to create a palace or room for every subject? Or for each chapter?
I also have to look for which subjects I can use memory techniques. I surely think for Biology, but for a subject like physics? I don’t know…
Can you help me with making a good study method?
Every hint is welcome! Very much thanks in advance!
Kind Regards!


If I could travel back in time to give my former high school self some advice it would be “spaced repetition”. Basically repeat what you have learned in the previous years in a systematic fashion.

Despite being really good at memorising French words, by the time i got to the 3d year or so I still couldn’t speak French if my life depended upon it. Most of what I had learned slowly was being erased from my my memory, because I never repeated what I learned in the previous years.

Since making memory palaces isn’t my strong point, I’n not a big fan of this strategy for high school, so i’m biased I guess.


Hello and welcome!

That is a really good example of what learning all the material in the world won’t help if you don’t , right from the start, develop the habits to practice and test it in the correct context,in real life situations.

Using memory palaces is a skill to develop which necessitates many skills also. I needed to play around with many many many palaces and with a lot of different material to really learn and develop the skills necessary to use them easily and fast.

But it’s really really worth it, and yes for any material.


Be careful, that you don’t make palaces for everything.

Go through the information first and find what are the points you need to memorise. Simple and usual things can be memorised on the go.

Select the info you want to memorise and highlight it or write it down.

Sort out the information.

Put the harder/difficult to memorise, things in a memory palace or things that are in a order.

For small facts and info. Use spaced repetion, you can apply it by using flashcards or Anki.

Keep practicing a lot of questions to test your knowledge and efficiency.


It depends what your level of French is. In my experience, If you already speak it, it doesn’t matter where or how you place them because you can practice using them in sentences right away, as you go through your memory Palace; and generally and hopefully, you won’t need your Palace for them much longer because you’ll be using them while speaking or writing the language! :tada:

You can practice with them, move them duplicate them(your own spaced repetition within a palace,for example).

the possibilities are endless.

It’s very very very practical in many different ways, you can make various links between the words and expressions and you could have a word in the beginning of your Palace link to another one at the end to another one in another Palace, all linked by a :dancer: or a :dinosaur, and when you fall upon a dinosaur you can go find the other dinosaur and you got another expression that means the same thing or an antonym or an expression that uses it or just anything you want to link to it, like a grammar rule to practice or what that particular word reminds you of, etc.

And yes, after creating and visiting your palace enough, you can instantly find all the dinosaurs :fireworks: ! What is you level if I may ask ?

@Memorizer365, this is good advice from @Vertexion

You should also be aware that many of the palace guys on this forum review their palaces by inserting “difficult to memorize” loci in Anki. There’s no reason to include an easy locus. So that reduces the amount of time spent on spaced repetition.