Need help visualising some abstract words / phrases

I’m currently studying for some professional exams, and I’m having trouble memorizing some abstract concepts. I’ve got a few which are easily memorable but I’m a bit stumped on some others. I’d like some ideas.

Azure Active Directory -
A light blue phone directory in spandex sportswear doing star jumps

Azure Active Directory Integration
Same phonebook this time he’s “in to grating”. grating a block of cheese maybe!?

Azure Active Directory Authentication
I can’t think of a visual for this one.

Conditional Access Policy
Maybe Putting (hair) Conditioner on axes and polishing them?

Just a few of the others I need to memorize:

  • Managed Identities
  • Service Principal
  • API Management service
  • App Registrations service

I’ve got probably a hundred definitions to go through. Many share the same words, for example they start with the word Azure, or contain the word service or authentication etc.
I’m thinking of making myself a sort of simple mnemonic vocabulary list which contains the component words and their visual representations, which I’ll be able to combine to have my definitions.
For anything with Azure in the name I’ll imagine it’s light blue. The word “Access” could be some Axes but for the other parts I’m having difficulty finding memorable ideas.

Any thoughts? Any things to avoid?


I also create a short mnemonic list if the words/terms appear multiple times and I memorize these words first! In my day job,there is a book with hundreds of rules/terms. And I have created a vocabulary list of 90+ recurring words and converted those abstract terms into concrete image. I use these words/concrete images to memorize the rules of the book. I also used Memory Palace to put those images…

I use this site to find out interesting/soundlike/rhyming words(nouns mostly) to convert the abstract imags into concrete ones>>>

Below is a portion of my list of vocabulary that I use in my day job to memorize different rules. Sometimes,I also use the PO(Person+Objects) technique to memorize the terms>>>>


Thanks @elitely

I like your idea of making a PO list and putting it all in a Memory Palace. I shall do the same. How many items per loci do you put ?
What do you do with your palace when you have new Terms to add to your list? Do you add more loci ?

I’ll also take a look at

I’ll report back here once my list starts to take shape. :grin:

Actually,it depends!

I prefer to not put more than two images per loci. Because I like to keep things clean and fast. But sometimes,because of the complexity of a term/rule,I may have to put around five images in one loci in the form of a story/chain linking!

For example,let’s say,I have a rule that says If a chart is missing factsheet,then,send it to Receipt Log!! So,to memorize this rule,I have to use three images together from the table above Chariot,Matsils,Receipt, and make a story with them and put them in one location. So,three images in one loci to memorize one rule!

I have a lot of Memory Palaces(I keep creating Memory Palaces every now and then).

So,I dedicate my MPs to learn rules based on either the subject matter or based on Alphabets(recommended by Anthony Meitver…all terms starting with “A” should go together in one MP).

For new terms, I keep adding new Memory Palaces. Usually,I select a MP based on how many ‘terms/rules/ideas’ I might have to put inside the MP. If I need 40 loci, I would select a MP that has 40 loci and so on…

If we add “Person”,things get interactive and emotional. Objects are not interactive,they are lifeless and lack in emotion. If we use a Person in our mnemonics endeavor,we can create interesting stories. And brain can remember ‘stories’ well. That is why, PO technique is better than just a single “P” or “O”!


I like the idea of creating your images for words that are repeated over and over. I’m memorizing a lot of foreign language vocabulary right now and I do the same for prefixes and suffixes that I see over and over.

I might change “Azure” from being a color to being an object. I find that sometimes colors don’t stick, whereas a blueberry might work better.


I agree! I might use “Azrael” as a Person or “Azuga” as an Object instead of a color! Azrael,the angel of death,is easy to imagine for the word ‘Azure’! Colors for me are difficult to remember!

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Advice taken! I have used an Azraël like figure. However I have modified him to be blue :joy:

For “Azure Active Directory Integration” I have Azraël cheese grating a Telephone Directory.

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