[Need help] Memorizing Detailed/Complex Lists (Periodic Table)

Hello, i want to cut to the chase so.
I have created a PAO (major) system and has been using it to my great delight.

Because of that, I have assigned myself to memorize the periodic table as I also have done in the past (2015) using memory palace + major peg, i have quit for a long time and have found myself wanting to experience the challenge again but this time I’m aiming for something much more different and complex.

I want to memorize not just the numbers of the element, not just the state, but many of their properties.

My attempt turned rather okay, and i felt dissatisfied, and I’m not sure if i should continue.

My attempt is as follows:
Created a system:

  1. Since the atomic numbers are really small digits, i used very simple phonetic pegs, and for the element: i use very descriptive images (very succesful)
  2. then comes the CAS nº, i decided that I’d systemize that any property of the element has to be small or smaller, so i had an idea to place the CAS nº (formed by PAO + peg) on the left side of the element small as it is. Per example, Boron, CAS7440428 (Kuroda Raziel[action] Urien[object] + Aid[8])
    Of course that’s not where it ends
  3. I then thought, i also need to memorize the atomic weight, so here’s what i came up with, right on the oppsoite end of CAS in other words the right side is where I placed another modified PAO.
  4. Place it all to ONE locus (memory palace)
    This was my idea and i thought to test it before adding more items in to one locus.
    (Keep in mind that I made good use of linking as well to make sure that they are all connected, and
    which creates a story)

As i lt came down to it, the system kind of worked, but i find myself to be in doubt whether or not adding more and making my system more complex would become detrimental. As recalling is already slow as it is.

One other idea that I have is to:
create separate memory palaces for different properties, and also group them by types. So like a metal world for metal elements, or an air temple for air elements, etc… while at the same time I create different palaces for their property, so for example, by using the same image of the element i would say that ice world is where i store each freezing point of elements, or hell is where i store melting point of elements by connecting them to one general imagery that I’d use for all these palaces.

Or is there an better way to do this?

I need to know how to make a memory palace that allows me to recall myriads of different informations about it. Like a large and complex nested flowchart.

(I made this post as I have looked around and found no one to be doing the same thing as I did, so far i only see people memorizing periodic table along their atomic numbers, so mostly two informations for one locus and that i really don’t see any problem with)

Feel free to criticize my composition or if i was too unclear! I didn’t know how to start this question right from the start, and would gladly appreciate honesty for the better, I’d duly respond to any questions that will help clarify my goals. Thank you for reading.

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There’s not really a lot of use for the CAS number in chemistry, to be honest. Also, exact atomic weights are a bit unstable and get refined every few years (ytterbium went from 173.054 to 173.045 not too long ago). It might be better to memorize a few digits of them instead of for example 22.98976928 for sodium.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the input. I’ll have to revise my strategy for this one.

@ChocolateMemory If you’re thinking of some useful property to memorize about the elements, try their oxidation states (many elements have more than one common one). That will be very useful in chemistry when you’re trying to build compounds and molecules.

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