NEED HELP (advanced)

Hello people, i am using mind palace with major system and i am doing great in that but sometimes i face this problem👇


section 32,33:statement by non witness(is the name of the chapter

For 32= moon and 33= mom

Now, i want a room or palace related to moon or mom,so that i can fill concepts that will trigger me, teleport to that room or palace,( i have used my mom’s house, should i reuse it? Also i don’t feel good to pack too much images in one spot)

I want to know how can i overcome these TYPE of problem?i want to know ur opinions,how u guys manage to choose a place which is allready decided by the content of the chapter ?

Thnks …:blush:

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How many things are you trying to memorize?

If you’re wondering about reusing memory palaces, see this page: Is it possible to reuse memory palaces?

When I want to mark a memory palace with a number, I put the image for the number in front of the palace. You could put a moon in front of the memory palace for 32 and a mom in front of the area where you’re storing things for 33. There’s a similar example of placing images in front of multiple palaces to mark them here.

Or you could leave out the second number (33) and use the locations to keep track of the second number. 32 would be the number of the section, and then the 33rd location (or area) in that memory journey would be “statement by non witness”. I guess it depends on how many items you’re trying to memorize.

If I’m misunderstanding your questions, let me know. :slight_smile:

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Inside those sections (32-33) i will place 10 images, it’s sounds good to me to place the moon or mom in the front, but can it be sufficient to just one picture or image?

I have allready placed a picture of moon and mom at the starting, i want a special room for moon, like moon can trigger me to space station or inside a rocket!

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I’m not sure if I’m understanding the entire system, but I’d give it a try and see if it works for you. If not, you could revise the method.