My progress with Simon's peg system

Currently, I see no need for memory journeys to memorize images in the Memory League. So, I will start the peg system for this act. After reading a bit more about this, I decided to start using Australian champion Simon Orton’s peg system.


First time I use the system and already felt the efficiency and precision of the system. The recall was very fast and accurate. With a little more training I think I can achieve a good result.


Anyway, I went back to training Simon’s peg system. My imaging result was not very fast, but it was very accurate. With words I see that I will have to train more than images to achieve a considerable result.


oh my, I recently got that 5th (glasses) image :smiley: I know one other who use the peg system for images (akuta) where he is able to reuse them over and over and is able to get 30 images below 17s now, all the best on you :wink: A thing I learnt while using memory palace for images is that to use what ever feature of the image you see first, I dont even bother with anything else on the image.

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