My mistake (short - and obvious - story)

Hi all,
First of all, sorry for the “clickbait like” topic name.
I just wanted to share with you (especially the ones who’s got the same problem) a little insight that boosted my learning skills.

I subscribed to this forum in order to get a better understanding of the mind palace technique. I was struggling to learn administrative law, and I thought that MP could have been the right answer to my problem.

However, after many tries (and different guides), the memorization of some topics was still hard, no matter how many loci and/or mental images i created. Worried about this problem, i stopped searching for more guides and i start asking to myself where the real problem was.

Memory Palace was fine, the problem was that I was trying to memorize tons of articles by skipping the most important phase: LEARNING.
I know that is sound obvious, but to me it wasn’t. I’ve learned that if I want to better memorize something, I first have to learn it. And to properly learn it, new data must be linked with data already stored in the brain.

I started to take notes with the Zettelkasten technique (by using Roam Research) and that was definitely a game changer. By using zettelkasten for learning and memory palace to memorize, i was able to optimize my study and learning 3 different laws in 3 days (each law is formed by 100 articles).

Sorry for the long post, but i felt that i really had to share this insight, i hope that could be useful to someone!

P.s. I don’t want to make advertising for the Zettelkasten method or Roam Research, there are tons of different learning techniques/apps. Everyone should look for the one that better suits his/her style


Hi PietCap

I’m a follower (or member of the community…?) of r/Zettelkasten on Reddit and have read the book by Sonke Ahrens, “How To Take Smart Notes” in which he outlines the Zetkkelkasten (ZK) method.

Based on your success with the system, would you mind sharing a sample of how a note in your ZK looks?

Hello @delonk

It’s a little embarrassing, but I have to tell you that I’ve done enough research before starting to use ZK (and I’m still at an early stage) and I can tell you, at least from my opinion, that you should focus more on the idea behind ZK and not the method as it is described by many productive-guys-on-YouTube/Reddit.

By starting from the idea behind it (AKA Learning through the creation/combination of Permanent notes), you should start to develop your personal ZK system. I can give you an example of my permanent notes, but it’s my personal employment of ZK and it could not work for you.

Moreover, remember that before collecting tons of notes you should start with a question