"My Life With Face Blindness"

Interesting reading about prosopagnosia:

Last year, I was trailing behind Steve — now my husband — in a grocery store when he grabbed a jar of store-brand peanut butter from a shelf. I plucked it out of our cart and examined the label.

“Since when do you buy generic?” I demanded.

Steve jumped away from me, his eyes wide with fear and surprise. It was an expression unlike anything I’d seen cross my husband’s face before — because, I belatedly realized, this man was not my husband.


Josh, thank you so much for this article. This explains so much. Two days ago I was a little angry because of the way my wife responded to my question, “Who is that?”, referring to a woman she was apparently friendly with and with whom we’ve sat and carried on a conversation at a church social. Our new pastor’s wife. This is a constant source of stress. I’ve offended so many people in my past because I just couldn’t remember that I knew them before. I’ve learned to pretend just as the author did. And like the author I’ve learned to live with it.

Just wanted to let you know that this article is a God send. Even with little hope of a fix I feel a great deal of relief knowing what is going on. One bit of comedic irony is that one of my hobbies is as a portrait artist.

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