My Experience on Memorising a Sonnet

I’m new around all this and posting for accountability.

15 days to memorise a random sonnet. I’m reasonably happy about it, just happy to have found the mental strength not to have given up. I discovered I’m more mentally distracted than I thought, literally a few seconds and I’m off on random trivial thoughts.

It took approx 10-20 minutes, ten times a day for 15 days to get this in long-term memory, and I know I’ll need to continue reciting once in a while. I wasted time building unsuitable memory palaces and making assumptions about small words - oh, the pain! A game changer was reading on here the necessity of building images for pronouns and articles. So, I built images for 100+ words, created one or two stories per line and placed this in a point in a physical geographic place. And that took 15 days.

I hope having these images will speed up memorising the next sonnets, which I’ll be sticking with for a few months, why not?

‘Thy self thy foe, to thy sweet self too cruel’

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You gained experience, a good use of time.

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The next sonnet took about 10 days. First mistake was resting on my laurels, getting lazy and avoiding the work. Eventually I got down to it and it was slightly easier than the first sonnet. Again, surprised by the reality of a distracted mind, a washing machine mind off on tangents repeatedly, but less so each day - which is improvement. Shakespeare only used around 10 words from the previous sonnet in the next sonnet but I felt more comfortable building images, stories and placing them in a palace.

Interestingly, i completely forgot the sonnet I memorised previously. Literally couldn’t remember the first work of the first line. Took around 30 minutes over two days to get it back. Fairly relaxed about that, no one said this was easy and I expect setbacks and frustrations, I’m not going anywhere.

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Spaced repetition can help with that.