My Challenge on The Brain China TV Show

This past month I’ve twice had the privilege of traveling to Nanjing, China, to participate on The Brain TV show (known locally as 最强大脑, literally “the strongest brain”; also often referred to as Superbrain, the name of its German forebear). Prior to taping, a producer let me in on the little factoid that the show has 400M seasonal viewers, which didn’t do great things for the nerves. Memory competitors have for years though been competing on The Brain, now in its fourth season, so I was excited to take part… Read More

Well done. That task with memorizing flights seemed very interesting, and even practical for the real world. Also, amazing, flashy and spectacular when that glass had to be broken. And unfortunately, maybe that was a rather brutal outcome for Wang.

But anyway, nice to also see Wang Feng competing again, even just for the purposes of a TV show, he also seems to be in a top mental shape.

I love this English-speaking judge . He is the only one person that i can understand on this show (except Alex).

It’s really amazing, Alex. Congratulations. Still I am curious about how you memorize the short name of airport. You have separate letter system for each 3 letter or you can utilize from number system?

Maybe you should learn some Chinese