My 2-Digit PAO Dominic Memory System for 00-99 (U.S.)

I’d like to give back to the community a little bit by sharing my 2-digit PAO Dominic memory system. I’ve slowly worked on this over 2 months and feel like it’s finally to a point worth using.

The system is mostly based on the Dominic method and lettering. I deviated from the first-initial last-initial system a number of times though in favor of a person which I thought had a better or more unique action.

I didn’t put any personal names on the list intentionally because I’d like to be able to share this list or my number images with others, and so I opted for names that are either widely known or can be easily looked up on the internet. I’ve seen several other lists where people said they personalized it and they have about 5 names that are personal acquaintances which really isn’t much overall. It will be obvious from the list that I live in the U.S. so depending on where you live these figures may or may not be as readily familiar to you.

I incorporated as many sports as I could relate to, using either one of the foremost athletes in the sport or someone famous for that sport. Wherever possible I used the athlete’s jersey number as their number.

For playing cards I incorporated face cards into the list, sometimes substituting in the face card character for weaker characters of the Dominic-based system. I also modified how Aces and 10s are treated. I put the 10 cards in the 13, 14, 16, 18 slots and moved the Aces to something logic-based as with the other face cards.


Card Person Action Object

00 Mr. Met Launching T-shirt
01 Ozzie Smith Backflipping with Baseball Glove
02 K♣ Muhammad Ali Boxing Boxing Glove
03 Babe Ruth Batting Baseball
04 Bobby Orr Checking Jersey #4
05 J♥ Michael Jackson Moonwalking with White Glove
06 A♠ Tasmanian Devil Tornado-splitting Boulder
07 David Beckham Kicking Soccer ball
08 Efren Reyes Pool-shooting 8-Ball
09 Cat in the Hat Balancing Fish bowl
10 Q♠ Annie Oakley Rifle-shooting Clay Target
11 Andre Agassi Racquet-smashing Tennis ball
12 ABe Lincoln Axing Stovepipe Hat
13 10♣ Dan Marino Spiral-throwing Football
14 10♦ Albus Dumbledore Disappearing-in-flames with Phoenix
15 Albert Einstein Chalking Blackboard
16 10♠ Arnold Schwarzenegger Benchpressing Barbell
17 Alexander the Great Conquering with Sword
18 10♥ Ahab Harpooning Whale
19 Alfred Nobel Exploding Dynamite
20 Barack Obama Saluting Latte
21 Batman Retrieving-from-belt Batarang
22 Bugs Bunny Eating Carrot
23 2♣ Michael Jordan Dunking Basketball
24 2♦ Bob Dylan Blowing into Harmonica
25 BElle Viewing magical Mirror
26 2♠ Randy BarneS Shot putting Shot
27 K♦ Bill Gates Giving Cash
28 2♥ BeniHana Chef Griddle-cooking Onion
29 BeN Franklin Flying-by-string Kite
30 Conan O’Brien Laughing about Mug
31 CArl Lewis Celebrating with Gold Medal
32 Charlie Brown Bringing Snoopy Dog Bowl
33 3♣ Charlie Chaplin Dancing with Cane
34 3♦ Charles Darwin Measuring Turtle
35 A♦ CEcil Rhodes Mining Diamonds
36 3♠ Colonel Sanders Frying Chicken
37 Charles Goodnight Lassoing Cow
38 3♥ Captain Hook Pointing hand like Hook
39 A♣ Chuck Norris Roundhouse-breaking Concrete Block
40 A♥ Dr. Oz Operating on Heart
41 K♠ DArth Vader Lightsabering R2-D2
42 Jackie Robinson Sliding into Home Plate
43 4♣ Richard Petty Driving NASCAR #43
44 4♦ Donald Duck Angrily stomping on Blue Cap
45 Dwight Eisenhower Reviewing army of Tanks
46 4♠ DiSney’s Mickey Mouse Bringing to life Broomstick
47 DaGwood Making sandwich with Ham Roast
48 4♥ David Hasselhoff Swimming with Rescue Device
49 DoNatello Sculpting Sculpture
50 Phil Taylor Throwing darts at Dartboard
51 Earl Anthony Bowling over Bowling Pins
52 Q♦ Queen Elizabeth II Wearing-on-head Crown
53 5♣ Enrico Caruso Opera-singing about Stars
54 5♦ EDwin Moses Hurdling Hurdle
55 EEyore On all fours grazing on Thistle Weed
56 5♠ Edward Scissorhands Trimming Bushes
57 Henry J. Heinz Shaking Ketchup Bottle
58 5♥ Ernest Hemingway Fishing Fish
59 K♥ Elvis Dancing the windmill with Record
60 Steve Jobs Presenting all-new iPhone
61 Steve Austin Wrestle-throwing Folding Chair
62 Smokey Bear Extinguishing Log
63 6♣ Simon Cowell Buzzing ‘talent’ demo of Red Buzzer
64 6♦ Salvador Dali Painting Clock
65 SpidEr-Man Web-wrapping Spider
66 6♠ Steven Spielberg Filming Video Camera
67 Speedy Gonzales Running with Cheese
68 6♥ Sherlock Holmes Searching for Pipe
69 SupermaN X-ray-viewing Kryptonite
70 George Orwell Caging Rats
71 GArry Kasparov Checkmating with Chess Knight
72 George Bush Climbing Oil Rig
73 7♣ George Clooney Accepting Oscar
74 7♦ GanDhi Meditating on Rug
75 GEnie Coming out of Magic Lamp
76 7♠ George Washington Signing Parchment
77 Kelly Slater Surfing on Surfboard
78 7♥ George Harrison Strumming Guitar
79 GriNch Stealing Christmas tree
80 Santa Claus (“HO”) Flying Sleigh
81 HArry Potter Levitating Feather
82 J♦ Mark Zuckerberg Typing on Laptop
83 8♣ Harry Caray Announcing race of Hot Dog
84 8♦ Humpty Dumpty Falling off Wall
85 HEnry Ford Assembling Model T
86 8♠ Homer Simpson Reaching for/Coveting “Mmmm” Donut
87 J♣ Tiger Woods Golfing Golf Ball
88 8♥ Harry Houdini Chained to Padlock
89 Q♣ Paris Hilton Perfuming Perfume Bottle
90 John W. NOrdstrom Selling Shoes
91 Neil Armstrong Floating with Apollo
92 Reggie White Tackling Football helmet
93 9♣ Nick Cannon Hugging Suit Jacket
94 9♦ Neil Diamond Singing into Microphone
95 J♠ Draco Malfoy Mixing a potion with Horn
96 9♠ Nick Saban Talking on Headset
97 Q♥ Princess Diana Kissing Sapphire Ring
98 9♥ Nathan Hale Hanging for possession of Map
99 Wayne Gretzky Slapshooting Hockey Puck

Thanks for sharing the list. I’ve added a link to it from the list of Dominic Systems.