Most Beneficial Everyday use of Mnemonics?

I’m a newbie, but I’d like to use mnemonics for self development, and everyday use scenarios.

I’ve got a goal to read 10 minutes on this forum each day, or in the “FAQ” section. I’ve realized over the years, the more ambitious or excited I get the smaller the steps I need to take. If I get overly excited its easier to plow in and devote a lot of time to something, but then I get discouraged and give up, and it seems to always be like 10x harder to get going again.


*What are the things you use mnemonics for the most in everyday life?
*Have you made a mnemonic project management database, or “life wiki”, and if so how did you build it?


I was wondering something similar to your first question a couple of months ago—you might find some ideas here: Have You Used Memory Techniques in an Interesting Real Life Situation?

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