Mnemonics for Keyboard Shortcuts

I just saw this screenshot of mnemonic keyboard shortcuts for navigating around the computer:

That screenshot is of someone’s custom settings for xmonad, but similar concepts could be applied to any kind of keyboard-heavy computer use. Maybe it could give people some ideas…

P.S., if anyone else out there likes keyboard shortcuts, check out these tools:

  • xmonad – a tiling window manager that you can control with your keyboard.
    • 2021 Update: try i3wm as an alternative to xmonad
  • Vim – a programming editor with countless of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Pentadactyl – control Firefox with Vim-like commands. Download the nightly build.
    • 2021 Update: Pentadactyl no longer works, but Tridactyl is a good alternative.
  • tmux – gain more control over terminal windows.

I just use simple mnemonic associations and kinesthetic memory. If you pay attention to what the developers were thinking, it usually makes sense. E.g., when editing HTML in Vim, vit is “visual-mode, inner, tag” and cit is “change, inner, tag”. Or ci" would be “change, inner, quote”. After using a shortcut a few times, it goes to muscle memory.