Mnemonics for 1,000 most common English words


I’m about to try and learn German, but to help me out I was looking for a peg system for the most common 1,000 English words.

For instance, I saw a chart (but lost the bookmark), that said:

I = Hand

So when learning the German ‘ich’ I can remember an itchy hand, because in my peg a human hand means “I.”

Now, I know i’m not going to need the system for words such as ‘I,’ but I can foresee it being very useful for other words in the 1,000 word list.


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Just learn the words without any Peg-Systems ! Repeat the words until they stuck. Go to Barbara Oklay and Terence Sejnowski “LEARNING HOW TO LEARN”. I myself learn Japanese and I am very successful. However, the kanji must wait a little bit longer.